GPS Troubles

I don’t know about you, but we rely pretty heavily on our GPS. Almost every month we’re strangers in a new land and we all know can be lots of ways to get places. And lots of ways to get lost. Take today for example. We took a little jaunt to Starkville – home of Mississippi State University and the closest LOWES – about 45 miles away. Our trusty GPS directed us to main highways and we were there in just over an hour. A stop at LOWES, a quick truck wash, drop off some clothes at a thrift shop, a great lunch at a college burger joint (Bulldog Burgers – YUMMM), and soon we were on our way back to Lake Forest. Although we figured we’d go back the way we came, the truck GPS wanted us to take a left off the highway right outside of Starkville. We ignored her for a bit, but she was quite insistent that we make a U-Turn when it was safe and go back HER WAY. We usually wait her nagging out and she eventually gives in, but today we decided to give it a shot. The quest for new road, right? The ‘overview’ looked reasonable, so U-turn we did!
It started out nice and rural and eventually led us into the Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee Wildlife Refuge. Unexpected, but lovely, nonetheless!  Might just be on my ‘to-go-to’ list while we’re here.
The road was getting a bit narrow, but still it was good road and we seemed to be at least heading in the right direction.
Eventually, though, the road turned to gravel. And then to dirt (so much for a shiny truck!). And then to narrow dirt.
And then to muddy dirt. No pictures of that – I was too busy gasping!
Eventually it dried out again, but still stayed pretty much one lane.
Given the tire tracks in the mud, it would appear we were on logging roads and in fact the last turn Ms GPS wanted us to make had us turning on to a well marked “Private Road”. Sorry, honey, but we did not obey.  We were so thankful that there was zero traffic (or log trucks!!!). We kept pressing onward until eventually we came to a road name that we recognized (from the directions for coming into the camp yesterday). Still dirt, but at least two lanes and something we were expecting. Home was just a few miles down the road. Phew.

There are a few lessons to be learned from this little GPS adventure. One is to remember that while you can tell your GPS to avoid tolls, apparently you cannot tell it to avoid narrow dirt roads. If it’s a shorter way, they don’t really care if it’s a logging road or a four lane highway. Two, never get too proud about how nice your truck looks coming out of the carwash. And three – NEVER EVER decide to follow your GPS into unknown areas if you are driving the RV!!! Be strong, eventually she’ll give in! If you can’t find the road on your Rand McNally map, you don’t want to take it!

Thanks for stopping by – and Happy Reformation Day, everyone!

PS – I’ve updated our location information over on the “So Where Are We Now?” page if you’re curious about our November location!

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  1. Wow! We had a smilar experience (although not nearly as adventurous as yours) coming here to French Camp yesterday from Pickinsville Corps Park in AL.. For some reason our GPS didn’t want us to go on Nachez Trace. we knew that was where we had to go & that’s what my phone was saying..the GPS guy was relentless..every road, no matter how small, that we passed by, he wanted us to turn on…we finally just shut him off..we haven’t done that very often! After hearing your experiences, glad we didn’t follow any of his suggestions!!😂😂

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