Stumped Him Twice!

As Gary was trying to figure out just where those pictures were taken back on WITWW (he never did get it, but then again, we’ve seen a lot of rocks in our travels), he asked where the header photo with the lake and gazebo was taken.
“Why, it’s from here,” I replied.
“It is? The lake doesn’t look anything like that!”
I understand his confusion! The header picture was taken during a quick visit here back in April of 2019. I was struck then with just how lovely that lake was and was looking forward to getting reacquainted with its beauty as we served here. However, given the combination of a “No Guests Due to the Pandemic” and a long overdue fix needed in the lake pump, that was not to be! This is the current state of the lake.

Kinda sad, I know!

I don’t imagine it will be full again before we leave, so I’m just very thankful  we got to see just how lovely it is meant to be! But aside from a less than lovely lake, the rest of the camp is quite beautiful and well cared for.
And they have some newly painted closets and doors to boot!
Have a good weekend everyone!

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