Lake Forest Ranch Wrap-up

It’s happened again! Our three weeks of work is over, and now is the time to look back and see what was accomplished. For me, it was all about paintin’ dem closets.
Big Closets
Medium Closets
and even some Smallish Closets –
When I ran out of closet beige, I tackled some door frames –
And then at the very end Gary and I worked together and painted a hallway!
Yes, it was still beige on beige, but the walls were farther apart AND I had company!
All good!
(Full disclosure – I didn’t mind all that closet painting at all! I got to listen to my favorite podcasts and then my favorite Pandora stations. Definitely a bonus when painting alone!)
Three gallons of beige paint later – 12 closets, 4 doorframes and one hallway. Done.
Gary bounced around doing several different jobs – taking care of some drywall repair, doing a bit of woodworking, and yes, painting doors!
Considering that virtually every door on campus is green, I was pretty sure he was going to run out of paint before he ran out of doors!
Sometimes painting doesn’t seem like such a big deal. But when finances are tight (as they are at every retreat center during this pandemic) there is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to brighten up an area. We were happy to be able to help in this way!
We finished out our time here with a lovely gathering of SOWERS (either working in the area or or living nearby) for lunch today. Wonderful food, but even better fellowship! I’m so thankful to be part of this SOWER Family!

It was a lovely month – the weather was quite cooperative and we enjoyed the quieter pace of working a project with ‘just us’.  But as often happens, when it comes to the end of the project, my guy is ready to go. And when he’s ready to go, we go. Simple as that! Since we’re heading out in the morning for our little road trip back to Texas, I better get the dishes done and tidy up some! I fear the truck will be pulling out early tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by! Stay safe and keep washing those hands!
PS – The header for today’s post is the yet-to-be-filled lake. They shut the drain today, so it should begin to fill up. Yippee!!

2 thoughts on “Lake Forest Ranch Wrap-up”

  1. We so loved having y’all with us last month. We hope you will come back soon and send more wonderful SOWERS to join us at Lake Forest Ranch. We thank our good Father for you and for the SOWER organization. Keep up the great work for the Kingdom of God.

  2. So glad you stopped by my little corner of the internet! It’s raining here today in N. Florida, and we’re hoping you’ve been getting some good rain lately and that beautiful lake is filling back up!

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