Stuffed, Sealed, Sent

Remember those old song lyrics – Signed, sealed and delivered?  Our job this week was similar except that thankfully we didn’t need to sign anything, and we’re leaving it up to the USPS to do the delivering! We were Stuffing, Sealing, and Sending!

Once a year the SOWER office sends out a mailing to all of our 641 members. It consists of the annual Roster (about 25 pages (2 sided), the Sowergram (minutes of the Board Meeting, Group leader reports, etc. (about 13 pages (2 sided)), and our Project Listing (PLS)(listing all the opportunities for service, also about 25 pages (2 sided).  All of which is printed ‘in house’.
Thankfully both the Roster and Sowergram were already printed and the only remaining piece of the puzzle was the PLS.
(Side note – this is a pretty amazing copier/printer! It spits out entire booklets, stapled with the holes punched. And if there is a color cover and back, it knows to put that on too! It’s been a long while since I’ve been in the presence of such copier wizardry!)
Once we got all the PLS’s printed we collated our items into sets. Lots and lots of sets.
Once the envelopes were printed with individual addresses, it was time to get stuffing.
Still stuffing….
Since these were such robustly filled envelopes, we couldn’t count on the automatic sealer on the postage machine to do the trick, so after they were stuffed we got to seal them. No pictures of this because the sealer was also the photographer. But you can see my little paper plate in the above picture that held my little paper towel sealer. Yes, this was true old school sealing – just a step above the old lick and press technique!
The best part of stuffing and sealing all of the envelopes was seeing the names and reminiscing about the times we’ve served with so many of them. I wish I’d had time to stick little notes in them just to say hi!
After sealing came the postage-ing.
Again, due to their bulk, they had to be fed in individually and like all machines, that machine did throw a couple of tantrums during the course of the job. But in the end, they were all stuffed, sealed and heading to the Post Office!
SOWER friends, we’ve left them in the hands of the USPS. They’ve been stuffed and sealed with love and prayers – and now we can only pray that they find their way to you!!

While we were busy collating, stuffing and sealing, Toni and Dick (the official (and amazing) office subs were busy handling all of the routine office task. Though with all of the COVID complications coming at us, I’m not so sure any of it was routine! Thankfully they will be able to stay until the Christmas break so Ray and Alean (the regular office staff both recovering from COVID) can get fully recovered before they return to work. Our ‘job’ here is done – and we’ll be heading back to Mississippi and our sweet home in the morning! So glad we were able to practice our flexibility to come and help!

Stay well, friends! Don’t forget to start thawing that turkey!

14 thoughts on “Stuffed, Sealed, Sent”

  1. Thanks Steph and Gary. It reminds of working in the mail room of an insurance company when I was out of high school. But whatever you do, even the basic, repetitive work, brings glory to God. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Wow! Amazing! Thank you all for your tireless efforts and dedicated service. I wish I could tell you there will be a little something extra in your paycheck this week. But, for now, please know you are appreciated.

  3. great job the two of you and of course the Howards. one question poppef into my mind! did you notice if my mame was on one of the packets? sure would like to have one. signe me #1326 (i think) -Sherman & Joyce Hill

  4. Hi, Sherman! If you have sent in your Alumni registration every year, then you would be getting one. I don’t see your name in the Roster, though, so I’m thinking maybe you aren’t currently on the rolls. You can contact the office (after the holiday!) and they can help get you re-signed up!

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