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We’re getting nicely settled in our January spot (check out the So Where Are We Now page for more details!) but getting here presented some interesting challenges.
Tuesday night as we were packing up and preparing for an early departure Wednesday morning, Gary did his standard tire pressure check. We’re thankful he did! One of our rear tires was dangerously low and was a cause for concern. He got the pressure up (yes, we carry an air compressor with us), checked it in the morning to make sure it was still safe to drive, and headed to a local tire shop, hoping for a quick repair and then we’d be officially on our way.
The first shop couldn’t find the leak. The second shop couldn’t fit us in until (maybe) later in the day. The third shop was the charm – there was only about an hour wait. (Kinda hard to believe that the little town of Bonifay (FL) has THREE Tire shops!) We found an empty parking lot to wait, and sure enough we got the call just a little over an hour later. Gary maneuvered our beast into their work area, and the mechanic started working on the tire. He found the leak in the valve extension (that’s where Gary thought it might be), and removed it to fix the problem, filled up the tire, and kindly said – “NO Charge” when we went to pay the bill. Unexpected blessing to be sure! The morning was just about gone, but we were on our way at last.
Except. The engine was running rough. It would go along fine, but then it would give a little cough or jerk like it wasn’t getting enough fuel. This has happened before and each time the problem has been the fuel filter. So now we carry a spare or two just in case! We limped into the next rest stop and my dear husband worked his magic once again.
We were very thankful that that did indeed ‘do the trick’ and we were officially on our way a little after noon, aiming for a rest stop/overnight near Ocala.
Except. During one of our ‘waiting times’ we had tried to start the generator. Nuttin’. Click-click-click -whrrrrrrrrr. We don’t need the generator to move down the road (or when we’re plugged into power), but because we now have a residential refrigerator (which we love) we do need to run the generator periodically when we’re not going to be plugged into power for over 24 hours.  We’ve found that running the generator for a couple of hours in the evening and then again in the morning (we have to make coffee, after all!) keeps the fridge nice and cold. But an overnight with no generator could be trouble.
And Then. We realized that the water pump was not working. Now we carry some bottled water with us, but we weren’t really excited about flushing the toilet, washing our hands, etc. using 16oz bottles of water.
And So. We broke our ‘golden rule’ of two day travel (rest stop or Walmart for sleeping) and pulled into a campground right off the highway for a quick overnight. Power, water, all the good things – and even a bit of TV! I think it was a well spent $29.00.
We had a leisurely morning, and finished the last 120 miles of the trip with no problems, just a bit more Florida traffic than I like! Today we ordered a new valve stem extension to complete the tire repair and a new water pump control (we don’t need the pump as long as we’re hooked up to ‘city water’) along with some other miscellaneous RV parts that have been hanging out in our shopping cart on Amazon! Oh, and the generator started right up once we got to our new spot. That little glitch remains a mystery.

So once again, God has gotten us safely to our next location. We cover our travels in prayer (and I know others pray along with us), and we never take for granted a safe arrival. We’re thankful to be here, safe and secure, and ready to see what the LORD has in store for us this month!
Thanks for coming along for the (somewhat bumpy) ride!

12 thoughts on “Getting Here”

  1. I’m so glad you finally got to your project safely. Praying that your time there goes well and that you are safe. Where is your project going to be this time? Thanks for keeping us updated

  2. It’s always “something”! Ours this trip was the furnace, thermostat was clicking like it wanted to come on, but nothing. Turned out to be loosed connection in the furnace area, and once again when we got to Florida. These rigs wiggle and jiggle down the road so much, it’s a wonder they still run when we get to where we need to be. Do you have any idea how many miles you have traveled in your SOWERing years? Gail

  3. Are you guys in Lake Wales at Heart? It sure is wonderful to have God’s hand on your every move isn’t it? It is such a blessing that God gave Gary the skill set that he has and that he provides him with the opportunities to put them to use. Then we are all blessed by your posting the events. Keep it up and thanks.

  4. Hi, Gerry! We’re at the Care Center this month, not HEART. Yes – we have seen God use Gary’s skills in many ways over the years! I’m just glad he (and HE!) lets me come along!

  5. Hmm….Miles in our SOWERing years? Well, the motor home has about 111,000 miles – and most of them have been SOWER miles. So I guess at least over 100,000 miles I would say! =)

  6. We’ll be working at a community care center. While they have lots of areas of service, I think we ladies will be working in one of their thrift shops – and the guys will also be in the thrift stores building shelves, etc. Should be a good month!

  7. Hi Steph, Thank God you made it safely. RV’s are always a challenge. Thank our Father that He takes care of His kids. He gave Gary the skills and insight to deal with the issues. An then He also handles the mysteries. Blessings to you both.

  8. Wonderful that your repairs weren’t able to delay you much. You have your travel tips running like a well oiled machine. It’s great to have a very handy spouse to take care of the rig. Have a blessed month SOWER ing

  9. Whew! That’s a lot! I love a good challenge, but not with the rig! We just returned to French Camp from having our “rock” damage repaired! I pray we’re good for awhile! Did you hear about the Covid at Vero Beach? I leave in 2 weeks for “grandma” duty and welcome a new little Miss Barber #9. Please, Lord, keep us safe!

  10. Glad you are safely back to FCA – and yes, may you be good for awhile!! Yes – we were very aware of the COVID at Vero. Gary was working with the office to alert everyone of the comings and goings and making sure everyone felt safe. One of the couples that was scheduled for Vero has instead decided to join us here at Lake Wales. Quite the little shuffle-about last week! Stay well – and enjoy your next ‘welcoming’ assignment!

  11. Thanks for stopping by! We were indeed thankful that all of our little troubles were delays and not STOPS! We’re looking forward to a good month!

  12. It’s true – there’s always ‘something’ with an RV – especially a senior citizen like ours is! But Gary is a trooper, and usually manages to figure out the problems eventually! God has been kind to us indeed!

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