These Ladies!

Dundee thrift shop
What a fine month it has been working with these ladies!!
Working at thrift shops is one of the ‘more favorite’ jobs that SOWER ladies are tasked with. I’m not speaking for all ladies, but most of us enjoy sorting through ‘stuff’ to find those treasures.
Sweet Ann would sit by those massive piles and fill up bins for us to sort through. She’d always pull out the obvious rejects before she’d put them in those big blue bins.
Dundee thrift shop
Once she had a bin full, she’d deliver it to us for a more careful review. No pulls, no stains (however small), no missing buttons, no pilling, etc.

Once we were sure everything was in tip-top shape, Lorraine and I would size them, hang them, and put them on a rack (in a nice organized fashion).
As the rack would fill up, Deb would take them out to the floor to distribute them to their appropriate location.
Some items may or may not have made it to a small pile of “OH, how cute is that? And it’s my size??” clothes, but I promise everything was either paid for or returned to hangers by the end of the day!
Between all of the clothing we’ve sorted through (that barely made a dent in the clothing bins) and the mammoth amount of donations in general that need to be sorted through, I have a whole new perspective on thrift shop ‘management’! It’s a HUGE job!
Meanwhile, in the back, the guys continue to build those shelves
and as fast as they are completed, they are being filled up!
We’re in our last week volunteering here – and I think we’ve been a pretty good team!
Dundee thrift shop
I truly do love our SOWER life!

5 thoughts on “These Ladies!”

  1. Looks like it was a really good month there, that is a huge job. But somebody has to do it. Where is the next project you’re going to Stephanie?

  2. Next month we head to Lake Placid Conference Center in (you guessed it) Lake Placid, FL! It’s a little farther south, but not too far! And no Thrift Shop work there!

  3. Hi Stephanie, I agree. I just volunteered at the local thrift store though significantly smaller than the one you’re at. It was still fun and had a great time with the other volunteers. Take care.

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