The New Neighborhood

Once again we have found ourselves in an entirely new neighborhood. I honestly don’t think we have ever been in this neck of the woods before (though I’ve been wrong before about places we have or haven’t been. Just ask Gary!). But at any rate, I KNOW we’ve never been at this particular SOWER project before – mostly because it’s only been in our SOWER Family of Ministries for a year or so!
This month we are serving at The Potter’s Place – Psalm 91 in Central, SC – which is not to be confused with central South Carolina!
The town of Central, SC, is actually quite far west in the state, and is home to (among other things) Southern Wesleyan University and is just east of the town of Clemson. (There’s a university there too, I hear!)

This ministry is focused on three areas –
To provide an environment of quiet solitude where those who come can seek God and be molded into the vessel “The Potter” desires (Jeremiah 18:1-4).
To provide a place of respite for full-time pastors and missionaries who need rest and renewal.
To serve other Kingdom building leaders from Churches, para-church and humanitarian organizations.

We arrived mid-afternoon today and are still in recovery mode from our boomerang trip to Texas this past week (as in I’m still working on clearing out the back seat of the truck and has anyone seen the peanut butter?), so we haven’t done much exploring yet. But we’re looking forward to the month for sure! We’ll be working with two other SOWER couples, one experienced and one on their very first project! As an added bonus we have friends in the area and we are excited about connecting with them. And with a couple of other SOWER projects within driving distance, you just never know what adventures might be instore!
I have a very good feeling that April 2021 will be a great deal different than April 2020.

6 thoughts on “The New Neighborhood”

  1. Us 3 couples here at Harvest Time want to come one day to see that project. Let us know when is good and bad! Gail

  2. Hi Steph. You will need sometime for the tires to cool. Laurie and I are back in Florida at Lakes Wales care center finally on our first project. Us and that GL. Looking forward to it. Hope you and Gary Have a blessed project.
    Take care,
    Doug Schneider

  3. There is a Mexican restaurant on the main drag in Central that was a favorite of ours when our daughter and son in law lived there(can’t think of the name of it but had some really good authentic mexican food on the menu). At the time he was the soccer coach at Southern Wesleyan University and our daughter taught school while they lived there. Also not far from Toccoa Falls College project.

  4. Hi, Gerry! Thanks for the dining tip! We’ve already checked out the Thai restaurant that’s also close by! This is certainly a beautiful area – and we’re looking forward to exploring! Along with Toccoa Falls College to the west there is also a new project to the east – Harvest Time Bible Camp. =)

  5. Oh Doug – so glad you guys are finally on that first project! And yes – our times need some time to cool! Praying you have a good ‘first project’ – Lake Wales is a bit different than a typical project, but so very worthwhile! I know you’ll be a blessing there!

  6. Hey, Gail! We’d love to have you come by! At this point any of the weekend days would work – maybe this Friday or Saturday? Let’s talk!

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