Seemed kinda weird….

…not to do a post yesterday!! So here’s a bit about our first couple of days on our new job!
After 4 months of doing mostly cleaning and painting (with a little gardening and ladder holding thrown-in), the first two days on the job here at Heartland had me sitting at a desk. Working on a computer.
Yes, this a happy place for me! While I was doing some computer work the other ladies on the team were busy getting all the paperwork (that I was printing) organized.
It’s wonderful for the retreat center that even with COVID restrictions it appears that summer camp will be happening this summer, and we’re happy to be able to help with some of the preliminary organization. I’m sure we’ll be doing more ‘maintenance’ (read “cleaning”) in the weeks to come, but this has been a great start for us!
Meanwhile, the guys….
Well, Monday was a pretty rainy day, so they started doing some drywall repair and painting in one of the offices.
I don’t know exactly what Gary is doing up on the ladder, but I’m pretty sure I can see wires hanging down, so it’s electrical in nature. But today the sun broke out for a bit and the guys got to hop on those zero-turn mowers. Oh boy!
The rain eventually returned and they went back to inside work in the afternoon, but they really had a fun morning on those mowers!

As Heartland ramps up for a (somewhat back to normal) camping season, we’re happy to be able to help in anyway we can.   We’re so thankful we get to be a part of this chapter of God’s story here!

May the Fourth be with you!



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