No Excuses

I know, I know — it’s been quite a while since my last post. But I offer no apology. I’m pretty sure I warned you that we were heading to the cabin, and my days were filled with cabin-y things and the ol’ computer was barely cracked open. We enjoyed time with family and friends, got started on some reunion preparations, and generally filled up on Cabin vibes. It was a very good time.
As of last night we’ve returned to our little nest at Montrose, and today we launched into a project that (we hope) will take a week or so to complete. And then we’ll be heading back to the cabin! So over the next few days I plan to do some catching up, because once I get back to The Cabin, it will be vacation-brain all over again! And I’m pretty sure I’ll be short on apologies then too!
Thanks for stopping by (and putting up with these long silences)!

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