A Visit with Lynne

Lynne and I met when our oldest sons were in preschool together. They are both 42 now, so you know we’ve been friends for a long while. They’ve moved a couple of times over the years, but we somehow managed to stay in touch, however loosely that may have been.  When Roger retired (or mostly retired) they settled in Ludlow, VT, which just happens to be on the way to The Cabin!  Since we’ve been on the road our friendship has blossomed again, as they have often come to The Cabin for an overnight or two and we have stopped to spend time with them in our comings and goings to our cabin. It’s been a lovely thing!
Croswells and us
Late in March of this year dear Roger slipped quietly and unexpectedly into Heaven.  Oh, how our hearts ached for Lynne. As we were preparing to head to the cabin in late May I asked Lynne if she was ready for company.  She was hesitant at first, I think – so much seems so overwhelming right now, but she finally said yes. Come. So Gary dropped me off on our way north and I was able to spend three lovely, quiet, tearful, and maybe even a bit productive days with this dear friend and sister in Christ.

I joined her on one of her daily walks
and we found a five-legged newt!
We helped him get safely to the side of the road. (Though it’s not a very busy road and he probably would’ve made it without our assistance!)
We lingered over breakfast on the porch,
Visit with Lynne
filled the house with the delicious smells of homemade soup,
Visit with Lynne
attacked some crazy weeds in the garden,
did little dusting and did a little puzzle puzzling.
Visit with Lynne
And finally, when the chores were done, we spent some time in her studio – the first time she’d been there since she lost Roger.
Visit with Lynne
Visit with Lynne
It was hard, but it was good.
We sat quietly and remembered Roger with both laughter and tears. We prayed. We talked about the days to come and the days that are gone. Her grief is great, but her hope in the LORD is greater! I was blessed and honored to spend those precious days with her.

We all miss you, Roger – but we know you are in such a better place! See you when we get there!


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