August Milestones

August was a crazy month for us. We fit in doctor visits, routine medical tests, family visits, a week with the Grand Boy, and even managed to be productive at a SOWER project – Potomac Park Retreat Center.
But August also contained two milestones for us!

  1. It was on August 1, 2004 that we took off on this adventure! We left from our church’s parking lot, heading off for a one or two year RVing adventure. Sayinggoodbye We had no idea at the time that God would keep us out ‘on the road’ for these last 17 years, but my, He’s been good to us! As we begin our 18th year, we continue to pinch ourselves that we have been gifted this life of ministry.  For us it was totally unexpected and yet totally perfect.
  2. We also filled in one of the two ‘holes’ in our USA travel map. Our criteria is that we spend at least one night in the coach in the state before we can put it on the map.  Although we’d been in Delaware several times in our ‘previous lifetime’, it wasn’t until Noah’s Delawarean Adventure that we were finally able to put the Delaware sticker in its spot. And we let Noah do the honors.
    It’s a little thing, that state of Delaware, but it sure felt good to fill in that little spot.
    Which only leaves the North Dakota hole to be filled. (Still waiting for the bridge to Hawaii to fulfill the ‘overnight in the coach’ requirement!)Praying we make it before this great adventure winds down!

In a Real Time update – I’ve just updated the So Where are You Now page if you’d like a little more info on our September location!  Feel free to check it out!

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