The sun has set again…

..on another SOWER project for us!  As often happens the last week on a project is filled with not only the rush to finish up any jobs, but also a rush to cram in any social happenings too! After all, in these three weeks we’ve made some good friends – not only our fellow SOWERS, but also the staff here at the camp.  We were introduced to Beef on Weck.
which is essentially a thin sliced roast beef ‘au jus’ sandwich served on a special ‘weck’ roll. Lots of salt and caraway seeds going on there – and lots of deliciousness too! Apparently this is a quintessential western New York (especially Buffalo) delicacy. Quite the treat! We were also each given a box of crayons. Well, a small box. Two Whites (Russ & Candy) and two Blacks (Mike & Donna) and two blues – Us (the only non-colored name of our crew. (I did grow up on Greyhorse Rd, though. Does that count?))
During the week it’s pretty quiet here and we’ve been able to get to know some of the ‘cottage owners’ a bit. But the couple we got to know best was Jim and Lorraine. They were our job-giver-outers and were a delight to work with and even socialize with!
God has richly enlarged our circle of friends once again!
And at a very beautiful place to boot! Thank you, Lord!

Even with all the socializing (and eating!) that went on, we still managed to finish strong in the work department. Rooms were spiffed up, walls were painted, RV spots were developed, signs were framed and installed and sheets were folded. If you’d like to see some additional photos of our time there – the work, the lake, the friends, the beauty – you check out the album HERE! Photo creds for some of the sunsets and the fabulous drone photo go to Mike & Donna Black!

So what’s next, now that the project month is over? Well, tomorrow morning we’re packing up the truck (leaving the RV at LCC) and driving to our hometown – Doylestown, PA. We’ll be attending a memorial service for some dear folks from our high school days and reconnecting with other friends in the area. We haven’t been ‘home’ in several years, so we’re looking forward to a lovely long weekend filled with hugs and catching up with folks. Once we return to our current home (here in NY), we’ll be getting ready to move to our July SOWER project location – Odosagiah Bible Conference in Machias, NY. Which is less than 70 miles south of here – which is a very good thing given the current price of fuel!
More adventure awaits!

Thanks for stopping by – and have a lovely weekend!

2 thoughts on “The sun has set again…”

  1. So Mike got a new drone? He lost the other at Odosagah last year! Beef on wek – some good eating. Ya’ll be careful and enjoy your week off. Gail

  2. Have a safe trip to P a. It was a pleasure meeting the Conrad’s. It was great to find out the President od Sowers puts his pants on the same way we do. Interesting though that he takes off his shoes a lot!

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