August 1, 2004. It’s been eighteen years since we “quit our jobs and ran away from home.” This month I’ll be sharing a sprinkling of posts from those eighteen years (and there are 1,971 of them to choose from) that will hopefully represent just a glimpse of this amazing adventure our Lord has led us on! I’ll confess right now that my blogging platform has changed several times over these years, and I seem to have lost some pictures into cyberspace. But here’s a post with pictures from less than a month before we left – July 9, 2004 :
Here’s the question….
How do you fit this:

into THIS:

But somehow, we did! And 18 years later we’re still driving that same faithful RV around! So watch for little snippets of  this grand 18 year journey, that began as an adventure and has turned into a our life! And what a wonderful life it has been (and continues to be!).

Thanks for coming along!

4 thoughts on “Eighteen”

  1. I confess I was jealous of you leaving everything behind!!! We were still raising kids and now it is too late to join you😎 Your vision and fulfillment is amazing👏👏👏 You have glorified the Lord in all of it. Now it is time to take a vacation when you aren’t working and others make your bed and your meals🥳🥳

  2. 18 years! Seems like yesterday. What a great example of what Christian retirement can look like. Carry on!

  3. What fun, Phyl and I both look forward to each new post on your blog and are blessed to be able to follow along and even have been just a small part of that wonderful journey. Keep the pics and memories coming.

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