In the very beginning

The following post was published on August 3, 2004. A whopping three days into our journey (which as of today is on day 6581). I’ve updated it today with some current thoughts –

Things I have learned so far~~ (on Day 3??)

Everyone else on the road does not know that you are beginning an entirely new phase of your life. Nor do they particularly care. Oh Well.
They still don’t know if it’s our first trip – or our 147th. And it’s probably better that way. We have lots of company on the road these days though, that’s for sure.

The Walmart outside of Shrewsbury, MA cleans their parking lots with street cleaners around 3AM on Mondays. They especially like to circle RVs that are parked on their lot.
We haven’t been to that Walmart lately (we later learned that they don’t actually allow overnight parking there – oops), but we still use a Walmart parking lot or Rest Area for a quick overnight every now and again. We can crank up the generator, watch a little TV, and get a (pretty) good night’s sleep.

It’s good to get on the train to Boston at the first station. You’re almost always guaranteed a seat.
This remains good advice. I still remember how packed that train was when we reached the city!

Boston IS amazing.
Yep. You should go sometime!

Being deployed to the USS Constitution in Boston Harbor is the 2nd best deployment in the US Navy. The first is working for the President.
No way to personally check this, but I imagine it’s true. Google could neither confirm or deny.

Sitting outside under our awning visiting with Gary’s aunt and uncle is a wonderful way to end any day.
What precious visits they were! Both are in now joyously in heaven, but oh what I wouldn’t give to sit under the awning  with them again!

~~We’re hanging in this area (outside of Boston) for a couple more days. Hopefully we will get to see some additional family, and some of the other sights in this general area. Tomorrow we have designated to do some housekeeping and re-arranging of the life we have tried to fit into this RV. Oh, and I get to give Gary a hair cut. New adventures for us all!
Gary is still trusting me with his haircuts. I think there’s one scheduled for this weekend too!

Stay in touch, OK?


Whether you’ve been coming along with us for this entire journey (I know there are a couple of you out there!) or you’ve just joined in the adventure recently – I’m so thankful to share this little corner of the internet with you! Thanks for coming along!
PS – check out that clean dashboard in the header picture! Ah – in the very beginning…..

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