So where are we now? –

August 18 – September 12
Finally, after a year away, we are settled in at our family cabin in Vermont  for a nice extended stay.
Ahhh… feels so good to be back!!! While Gary has his own list of projects to accomplish (some of which might need my help), my list is pretty simple – do a bit of gardening, do a bit of writing, do a bit of reading and do a bit of napping.  We’ll also be fitting in a bit of friends and family, a bit of long mornings in front of the fire, and a bit of ice cream. Ahhh……it feels so good to be back!

If you’re new here, here is a link to a bit of history about this sweet slice of heaven that we have had in our family since the Great Depression.

See ya when we see ya! I’m heading back for another cup of coffee!


Seeing the country……Serving our Lord!