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Happy faces and tight spaces

I can’t say that we crammed our spare time this month with lots of sightseeing and touristy things. But we still had some lovely highlights.
First the Happy Faces!
We were able to connect with Gary’s older brother (who we found out about less than a year ago!) early in the month which was very special!
Gary and Lou
We were able to tour a nearby SOWER project and have a lovely visit with dear SOWER friends, Ron & Reenie!
We started out our SOWER project with a pizza night –
and the gang of us checked out a local ice cream spot for my birthday! Yumm!
And then just yesterday (wait. was it only yesterday???), we ladies had a delicious lunch out at an eclectic cafe in Lumberton
and did a little thrift shop shopping. Always a favorite activity!!
And just in the nick of time we got together for our Group Picture.
It was great working with a couple we’d worked with early in our SOWER days, and just as great working with a couple who are  starting out on their SOWER journey! It was such a good month!

But about those Tight Spaces –
While the guys were working on that big drywall job, Gary got stuck in some pretty small spaces.
There was this teeny-tiny alcove that needed to be finished off.
Pretty squishy! But he got ‘er done!
And then there was this little bit of plumbing that needed to be done. Behind the ice machine!
I just never know where I’m going to find my guy!

And for a real-time update – we’re safely parked at the Georgia Welcome Center on I95 just outside of Savannah. We’re on our way for a week of camping before we go into our next project! We don’t often do this, so I’ll keep you posted on how it all works out!

Till next time – thanks for stopping by!

Moving Day

We got an early start,
driving separately since our first stop was to have the truck tires rotated at a Costco outside of Charlotte. Once the tire chore was done we hooked up the truck and set out for our final leg!
Did some big roads
and some not so big roads.
The drive was not without a bit of stress – we each chose the wrong way to go (once per leg of the trip), but they were correctable without too much trouble. We arrived safely in late afternoon, and are now settled in our lovely new neighborhood! The other two couples are arriving tomorrow and then we’ll all be good to go!
So thankful that once again for traveling mercies – something we never, never, no never, take for granted!


PS – for a little more info on where we are, hop over to the Where Are We Now page!

In the News

Well, not exactly the new news – but at least it’s something in print!

Several months ago we were contacted by a journalist with the InSite magazine – a publication of the Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA) – about the relationship between volunteers and camps. We really enjoyed the interview (via Zoom), and I was very thankful that we were sent the copy before it went to press! There were several inaccuracies in the original draft, but they kindly let me clarify things. The article was published in the most recent edition,  and we picked up a copy of the magazine at one of our Texas projects.  If you’d like to read the article, you can find it HERE!  You might find some familiar faces!


Miles that is.
It was a wild and wonderful, exciting and exhausting 10 day road trip where we spent time with family and friends and accomplished some SOWER business and slept in way too many beds! So before I get even more behind in this blogging thing – here is a quick recap!
First it was Family in Waco!
There were games to be played, chickens to watch (out for), piglets to ooh and ahh over (they are pretty darn cute!), and a bathtub to replace! (The kids know it’s important to keep Pops busy!). It was a lovely visit – and here are some pictures from our time there –

From there we headed to Lindale (TX) and the SOWER office for Gary’s last SOWER Trustee meeting. But before the official meeting activities began, we made time to go see some of our friends over at ALERT.
I’m so glad we were able to do that!

Although he was officially off the board (his tenure was up), since he was the president he needed to run the meeting until a new president (from the current board) was elected. So we got to hang out with our SOWER friends, eat out too many times and visit with the other spouses and friends that live in the adjacent community. It really is lovely when you get to work alongside friends!

Once Gary was excused from the meeting, we enjoyed one last meal with the crew and took off the next morning for points East. But it wasn’t a direct shot back to North Carolina! We stopped at four SOWER projects along the way for our annual Area Rep visits. We’ve been the AR for these four projects for several years, so we always look forward to catching up with the hosts, hearing how God has been working in their ministries, and how our SOWER ministry can serve them better.
And sometimes God blesses you with a beautiful sunrise just as you wrap up your travel days.

We were officially on the road home by noon on Thursday. Of course, we were still west of New Orleans, so there were many miles to cover. But Gary decided he just couldn’t do another motel, so we just drove until we got here – at 6:30 the next morning. Oh, we stopped a couple of times for some naps along the way and while I must admit that driving through Atlanta at 2:30 in the morning is a good strategy
I’m hoping we don’t do that again. Ever.

Yesterday was a total recovery day – didn’t really even totally unload the car until today. But I think we’re mostly recovered and looking forward to worshipping the God who kept us safe over those 3085 miles tomorrow and then to start work here on Monday morning. Don’t forget to check out a bit about where we’re working over on the “Where are We Now” page!

But right now it is way (and I mean WAY) past this girl’s bedtime! Thanks for your patience as the last two weeks were so quiet. As we welcome October tomorrow, maybe I should do a post every day? What do you think?
Thanks for stopping by –