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Photos of our travels and stops along the way


So I’ve been looking for a particular photo that I KNOW I have somewhere in my archives. It’s one of those ancient of days photos – you know, before this digital world existed. So it’s either a scan or a photo of a photo, and I was pretty sure it was on my phone. Which of course meant I had to start looking through all 17,939 Photos.
Houston, we have a problem.
Honestly, I have tried to weed out the extraneous ‘road ahead’ pictures, and maybe I didn’t need all 247 pictures from our day at the Grand Canyon back in 2010, but still…
How do I remove these –
or these….
Or the other thousands that brought smiles to my heart in the last hour. But alas – I was on the hunt for that ONE picture, which I did find, in a random folder on my computer. Of course. But by that time, it was way too late to finish that little project AND do this blog post, so the distraction won tonight!
Is there a Photo Savers Anonymous group I should be joining?
Photo taken in September of 2007. Still a favorite. Still on the phone.

Mondays are for Memories – Old Friends and New Friends

We’ve had such a lovely time reconnecting with our friends Jeff and Esther here in South Carolina, that I thought it’d be fun to look back and see other times during our time on the road that our path’s managed to intersect.  One of them was in Chattanooga back in 2007 –

Old Friends and New Friends – May 21, 2007

How does that song go?

Make new friends, but keep the old.
Some are silver and the others are gold.

Every now and again, a weekend falls into place in the most amazing way. God gave us the opportunity to get together with friends we’ve known for almost 40 years, and friends we’ve known for only a year. And to top it off, He gave us beautiful weather and beautiful places to enjoy them with.

Thursday – our day with Jeff & Esther. IMG_7707_editedWe spent most of the day with them, walking along the beautiful waterfront in Chattanooga, enjoying a Clumpies Ice Cream Cone, and catching up on family news. It was a beautiful day in so many ways: Chattanooga is a beautiful city and the weather was about perfect, but being able to spend time with such good friends (whom we’ve known since high school!) was truly the most beautiful part of the day. Here are some shots from the day……


Friday to Sunday – Nashville with John & Rosie.
Conrads and Stoners 2 Our “new friends” were great hosts, taking us to see many of the local sights and sounds of Nashville. Oh, and Tastes! We ate at some great restaurants (Merridee’s for breakfast and Miller’s Grocery for dinner), walked around Historic Franklin and The Carter House, did a little shopping, worshipped together at Christ Community Church on Sunday, and spent the afternoon at the Opryland Hotel complex. My goodness, that was quite a place! The entire weekend was a delight – we were once again blessed with picture perfect weather, yummy food and wonderful company.
And a couple shots of our Nashville Adventure….
The Carter House (site of a Civil War Battle)
The Carter House
And yes, that’s a boat ride INSIDE of the hotel…
Opryland Boat ride

And of course, if you’d like there are some additional shots here!

We’ve made it safely to our R&R location, but I’ll fill you in on that later! Time to hit the sack!


Realtime update – John and Rosie are now ‘old’ friends too! And we’re so very thankful for that! =)

Mini Reno

Back in 2003 when we purchased Lizzie, our motor home, she came with a TV in the bedroom. I’m sure if I searched through my photo archives I might find an actual photograph of that TV, but since I want to get to bed sometime tonight – here is a picture from the original brochure (that was surprisingly easy to find!) –
We enjoyed that TV for several years, but with the advent of digital TV and the need for a converter (or a new TV) we gradually just stopped using it all together. Eventually, we removed the TV and gained some storage. Ah, new storage space – a treasure indeed in our little 300 sq ft home. Since it was located in my sewing storage corner (and thus belonged to me, right?), I began to slowly but surely fill it up.
And as often is the case (in my world anyway), it soon became quite the collection of stuff. Messy stuff.
Oy. Keeping it tidy was certainly an option (and did happen occasionally), but that big (messy) cavern in the corner really began to bug me and I began to think up ways to cover it, but still have it accessible. A wall hanging, maybe? A curtain? Since it was easiest to just let it be (and avert my eyes if I needed to), it continued ‘as is’ for a good bit.
Meanwhile…..over two years ago I was gifted some original artwork of the cabin done by the talented daughter of one of our project hosts.  Here’s a screenshot excerpt from a blog entry back in January of 2019 –

As much as I loved that painting, there was absolutely nowhere (as in no wall space) to hang it in Lizzie. I tucked it safely away thinking it would have to wait until the ‘next chapter’ of our life when we would perhaps  once again have more walls.
But then… I lay in bed one night, eyeing that cavern in the corner, I realized that the opening was not that much bigger than that cabin painting. Maybe, just maybe, we (as in Gary) could figure out some way to incorporate the painting into a panel/door and we could kill two birds with one stone – find a spot for the custom artwork AND disguise a messy storage area.
I can’t tell you it happened overnight (does anything at our age?), but we eventually got a cabinet door  made, Gary stained and sealed it to match the existing cabinets, and after some discussion about types of hinges and which side should it open up, he completed the installation.
I found a simple frame for that lovely cabin painting, and voila! Problem solved!
To say that this girl is one happy camper about this small, but heartwarming, renovation would be quite the understatement!

I sure do love catching a glimpse of The Cabin each night before I turn out the lights!

A Pretty Perfect Saturday One

I’ve long appreciated our three-day weekends, and today’s “Saturday One” turned out to be an exceptional one! Gary was doing a bit of work first thing, so I took the opportunity to get the sewing machine humming.
That, in and of itself, would’ve made it a good day. But the day only improved as it continued on. We’d made some plans to get together with our friends Jeff and Esther and do a bit of South Carolina Exploring. As an added bonus, we were joined by their two daughters and seven grandchildren who live in the area (hubbies couldn’t make it, ’cause for them it was a Friday and not a Saturday One).
We started our exploration at Wildcat Branch Falls where the first set of falls was right by the road. The water was so inviting that I wasn’t sure we were going to get those littles to the actual hiking part and the second waterfall!
But at last everyone got their shoes back on, and we continued on to the second set of falls.

We took a nice break at the top of the hike to enjoy the scenery and watch the kiddos exploring the falls.  I’m pretty sure some shoes came off once again!
But soon it was time to head back down for the second part of the adventure.
Next stop was Caesars Head State Park – home to an overlook with fabulous views, but more importantly as this point of the day, LUNCH!
After our tummies were filled and we’d had a little more catch-up time with the grown-ups, we continued on with the exploring. This batch of little girls enticed me to come and see the Devil’s Kitchen. How could I resist those faces?
Um….are you sure I’ll fit down there?
We all made it through the cleft of the rock and while the girls (and the rest of the cousins) got busy exploring,
I was just soaking in the views.
Once we clambered back up out of the “kitchen” I was able to
enjoy the more official overlook –
Absolutely glorious!!
We paused before everyone piled into their respective cars for a group picture (with the view included!)
and then the younguns’ were off to soccer practices and hungry husbands.  Over in the grandparent car…well, there may or may not have been an ice cream stop on the way down the mountain. It’s totally undocumented, so if there’s no picture there’s no proof. Right?
It was such a lovely day, in a lovely state, with some oh-so-lovely friends. We are feeling very blessed indeed!

Thanks for coming along on our South Carolina Exploration! Rumor has it we might be checking out some other waterfalls before the weekend is over!

PS – The mystery location from Wednesday? Glacier National Park, Montana