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Photos of our travels and stops along the way

On the way to Canada

(OK, so while we’re already back from Canada in reality, I hated for you to miss any of the fun spots we hit on the way. So here’s a little flashback!).
We said good-bye to Elna & Henry in Bradford and headed north. After a quick (is that really possible) stop at the Costco in Burlington, we headed up through the Grand Isles of Lake Champaign on our way to Canada. Rte 2 through Lake Champaign is a very beautiful drive which I highly recommend. Guess I was too busy gawking to take pictures, but wanted to send the recommendation along! We were headed to the Thousand Island Bridge to Canada, and we made a stop at Alexandria Bay to see Boldt Castle. This is another of those famous “cottages” built during the Gilded Age (before income tax and the Depression).This castle was built by George Boldt, owner of both the Bellevue Stratford and Waldorf Astoria. He was building it for his wife who tragically died about four years into construction. After her death he halted all construction. Workers (so I am told) just laid down their tools and left. The property remained unfinished and open to the whims of nature (and those northern winters aren’t too whimsical) and local curiosity seekers. Fortunately, the castle was fully enclosed before construction was halted, but by the time it came into the hands of the Thousand Island Port Authority it had been ravaged by harsh winters, high waters, vandalism, fires and graffiti upon graffiti. Thirty years later, most of the out buildings have been restored and the Castle itself is safe to tour. While the first floor of the castle is mostly restored, the remaining floors (up to 6 in the turrets) are still covered with memories of curious tourists from generations ago(like “The Lewis family was here – 1947”).
This is the “out building” that housed the generators….

And building in the front was just used for entertaining. It even had a bowling alley –

And while you can’t really get a feel for the enormity of this building – this is the castle itself – taken from the boat as we approached to island –

Mr. Boldt never returned to this island after his beloved wife died. But now hundreds come every day. Go figure! It was a totally self guided tour – we took our time and even though the day was not very pretty, we were glad we stopped.

Franconia Notch

Although my first love is Vermont, New Hampshire is a lovely state. And truth be told, the White Mountains are a little more impressive than the Green Mountains. (We won’t try to do the comparison with the Rockies, OK?).
We took a run up Rte 93 in NH, through the Franconia Notch State Park. Do it if you get a chance, OK? Even tho The Old Man in the Mountain fell off the mountain last year, this is still an incredibly beautiful stretch of country.
Here are just a couple of shots – I took a lot, but somehow they don’t really capture the awesomeness of the area.

Where the Old Man in the Mountain used to live:

Rushing water at the Flume:

I forgot Newport, RI~~~

Although we had the missing wallet adventure in Newport, we did see some amazing homes and sights. Here are some of the pictures from that day….

One of Newport’s Mansions (or Summer Cottages!). All this for an 8 week summer season!

Another simple home – this one near Fort Adams just outside of town.

A View from Fort Adams

A fuzzy Gary & Stephanie at the Fort Adams Harbor.

Acadia National Park – WOW

Lot’s of you told us to make sure we made it to Acadia – and made it we did!
Today dawned so beautiful after yesterday’s rain that it was breathtaking. We started the day with an 8AM Worship service right in the part at one of the Campgrounds (run by Christian Ministry to the National Parks). What a wonderful place to Worship our Awesome God! It was a great start to the day.
From there we did the Park Loop road – and you have to know it was impossible to take any bad pictures. The sky was soooo blue, and the rocks were soooo magnificent and the waves were soooooo waves(?)…I’m sure you know what I mean. (I’m posting from a central modem at the campground and a line is forming, so I won’t have time to upload the gazillion pictures I took, but keep checking – they’ll be here soon!)
We did some more biking (about 5 miles) and I was once again reminded what TERRIBLE shape I’m in. (Not to the mention the sore butt thing…) However, a lovely lunch in a restaurant right in the park soon chased those thoughts away, and we headed up Cadillac Mountain (in the truck!). Such vistas! Such an awesome Creator!!!
Hopefully I’ll get more posted later, but I hate to tie up the one camp modem.

Oh – we’ve heard from Judy, Gary’s sister who lives in Punta Gorda, FL. She lost her home to Hurricane Charley, although she (and her two dogs) are ok. Please pray for her (and of course the many other victim of that storm) – it will be a rough time ahead for her.

Thanks – hope all is well with you!

That brings us to Plymouth

I’m sure I’ve missed something along the way, but here are just a couple of shots from the last few days.

Plimouth Plantation –

Plymouth Harbor

(that monument looking thing on the shore is Plymouth Rock)

View from Chatham (taken by exhausted bikers)

Notice we had just a little blue sky there.

But I turned around and took this picture of the Lighthouse – the sky did not look quite so encouraging (to those exhausted bikers)

And finally – a shot of Lizzie in her spot at Pinewood Lodge. A very pretty campground…….