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Photos of our travels and stops along the way

Getting Our Kicks on Route 66

I cannot say that we have gone out of our way to explore “The Mother Road” – Route 66. But in our almost 15 years (!!!) on the road, we have bumped up against it once or twice.
Rte 66 Day
Back in 2008 we followed it for day and ended up in Oatman, AZ – now most famous for their wild burros.
Rte 66 Day-14
Many years later (2017) we found it running through the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert
Right now we are serving at Panfork Camp, located between Wellington, TX and Shamrock, TX. Route 66 goes right through the middle of Shamrock, so you know it’s a pretty big deal in these here parts. In fact, one of the art deco buildings (a gas station with a cafe) was the inspiration for one of the buildings (Ramone’s House of Body Art) in the Pixar Cars Movies.

(Ramone’s screen shot from this website)
We loved checking out this iconic building – now the visitor center. We may or may not now own a “U Drop In” T-shirt.
From Shamrock we headed East, part of the way on Rte 66 and part of the way on Interstate 40, with Elk City, OK in our sights. Elk City is home to the Route 66 National Museum Complex. Oh my, there was so much to see!
and really????
Women did that???

All in all it was great fun to explore this little section of Rte 66! I’m glad we’ve bumped into it again in our travels!

A different Waco Weekend

We loved spending a couple of extra days in Waco following our February SOWER project.  While we did get to spend a bit of time with the kids and the grands,
(A fun Chick Fil A dinner with the boys!)
our primary focus was working on the house, pressing on with getting it ready to sell.
While Gary continues on with the electrical ‘stuff’ –


I’ve been working more on things that present a more visible result. For example –
Somewhere in the history of this house (it was built in 1918) a great deal of wallpaper was put up in the closets. (At least it can still be seen in the closets – perhaps it was other places as well!). But since this wallpaper was put up over ship lap, it was nailed up, not glued. It also has a fabric-ish backing that disintegrated over the years (century?). The attic space was not only completely covered in this wall covering, but all of the shelving and trim – even the attempt to make it a cedar closet – was installed over it. (Actually, that’s probably what held it up!)
Pretty gross, right?
With (what I hope was) adequate protection, I began the task of reclaiming those walls!
The good news is without it being glued, big swatches did come down at once. The bad news was those blasted nails!
It was a long and dusty day, and with some help from Gary, we got it all pulled down and cleaned up –


Looks pretty spiffy, right?

But oh those little nails…..

We also got some yard work done – mowing the grass and cleaning up the sidewalks – and continued with some interior deep cleaning (you know, behind appliances where it’s always scary!).

We have this month away from the house and selling-the-house related projects, and I think that’s a good thing. We had a pre-inspection of the electrical work, and Gary does need to make some modifications on his original plan. It’s always good to take a step back and take a breather from big projects, and we’re thankful we have the opportunity.

Right now we’re getting settled at our March project (see Where are we Now for more details) and working on staying warm!! Hopefully March will become a little more lamb like as the month progresses!

Have a blessed weekend, friends!

February, Oh February…

Where have you gone!! I know it’s only the 21st, but, oh my, this month is going by fast! Today is the last day of our February SOWER project here at Forest Glen Springs. It’s been a busy month! Gary’s been doing some remodeling on a house on the property and Daniel has been using his welding skills on their new gate. Kristy and I have been Painting. And painting. and painting. Pretty much the interior of a three bedroom/two bath house got a nice fresh coat of khaki paint with white trim.
There was a little delay on some parts for the projects the guys are working on, so we’ve had some extra help with our projects!

We ladies were more than happy for the extra help. Plus, Daniel is WAY better at painting ceilings the we ladies are! Kristy and I finished up just in time to get it all back together, and while I don’t have an official before picture, we were happy with the results.(Almost) before
to all tidied up and (mostly) ready to go!
Better, right?
Here’s that corner Gary was painting!

Although we had some health issues (Gary’s back had him down for a day or so and Kristy lost some time with a nasty ear infection) and we were a bit distracted with working on our Waco project at the same time, it was still a good month. We were not only the first SOWERS to work at this camp, but our co-laborers Daniel and Kristy were on their first project.
Here’s the first group shot of the first group to serve with a first time serving couple!
So many firsts!

This afternoon we pack it all up, and head to Waco.
We’ll be camping at our favorite campground on Waco Lake for a long weekend, and it will be nice to have ALL of our life with us as we continue on with house projects and spending time with the kids.

Yep, we just keep rollin’ on!
Have a great weekend, everyone!

Waco Weekends

Ah – since our February SOWER project is just 30 miles from Waco, we’ve been spending our weekends at the house getting it ready to sell. So while I could update you on how shiny the oven is or how sparkly the windows are getting – or even how much progress Gary is making on the electric upgrade
I’d much rather share the really important parts of the weekend. Like pictures from Taran’s birthday party (he’s FOUR!!!)
or the surprise connection with friends from Doylestown who were playing tourist in Waco!
(Special thanks to Facebook where I saw that they were in town! Such an unexpected delight!)

So yes – we’re making slow and steady progress on the house. And we’re thankful for that! But we’re much more thankful for those special moments we get to share with family and friends!

Thanks for stopping by (especially after such a long lull…..)!

Things I may not’ve mentioned before…

Seems like I’m taking my ‘introvert voice’ seriously, given how quiet it’s been here lately! Sometimes, as the days go by, and I fail to get a post done I get a bit overwhelmed with trying to figure out just where to start with all the catching up that needs to be done. So, I decided to just do a list of 10 things I may not’ve mentioned before. (Apparently not’ve (as a contraction of Not and Have) is not a word since I continue to get a red squiggly line under it. Ah, the spoken English language. Red squiggly or not, I’m keeping it!)

    1.  Our project here at Still Wood Sports Camp is going well! It’s hard to believe that we’re in our final days – just three days left! I’ve been keeping busy with some light (thanks to the very thorough cleaning done by previous SOWERS!) cleaning after guests and a bit of kitchen prep work.
    2. Gary has been doing some electrical work –
      and also built some sweet little shelves for the four family cabins –

      Untitled Untitled

      He’s been busy taking care of lots of things that the host couple, Ken and Gail, just don’t have time to get to.  (It’s kinda what being a SOWER is all about!)

    3.  They let me drive this little golf cart!
      This property used to be a golf course, so there are lots of cart paths.
      Fore!!! (Or is it Four? Why do they say that?)
    4. With my quiet afternoons I’ve been able to make some good progress on a quilt I’m working on for one of my grandboys. It’s felt very lovely to play with fabric and listen to the sweet whirrrr of my sewing machine. It’s still a work in progress – but here are some of the fabrics and the basic pattern.
      It’s going to be cute, right?
    5. It’s been just a year since I had my mid-winter Girls’ Week in Vermont following my sister’s cancer diagnosis. I know some of you have been keeping her in your prayers so I just wanted to give you a quick update! She’s doing great!!! Oh, there have been some ups and downs along the way, but she’s feeling great and her CAT scan results look promising. So much praise is being offer to our Mighty God!
    6.  And speaking of Vermont….. One of the staff member at Oakridge Ministries (our October and November project in Oklahoma), Jaime Ball, is an accomplished artist. (Trust me, the Vermont connection is coming). Since we had just been at the Cabin and I maybe was showing all kinds of cabin pictures to anyone who would look, Jaime asked if she could do a painting of the cabin!! I was honored, to say the least. We still need to get it framed, but it arrived last week – and I’m thrilled!
      Thank you, Jaime – what a treasure! Both you and the painting!
    7. Meet Stuart (in the front) and Addie.
      These guys belong to our hosts, but maybe because Gary carries (and distributes) dog biscuits they’ve been hanging around a lot! They are sweet pups, and I’m hoping this will stave off Gary’s desire to add a puppy to our little entourage.
    8. I stayed up to watch the eclipse last night. Did you? It was crystal clear here, and quite a sight to see, but I’m afraid my photography skills are not up eclipse photography!
      WolfMoonEclipse-2 WolfMoonEclipse-4
      WolfMoonEclipse-1 WolfMoonEclipse-3
      WolfMoonEclipse-6 WolfMoonEclipse-5

      But it was still exciting (in a slow moving kind of way)!


      Last week Gail took me on a tour of the rest of the property – mostly undeveloped. We crossed the low water bridge
      and climbed to the top of the ridge across the river (stream?). What a beautiful view of the camp!
      In this shot, you can just make out the RVs up next to the large building near the horizon to the left of the cross.

    10. Oh – and I have to mention the sunsets!!! Of course they aren’t all stunning, but when they are…. Ooo La La!

Thanks for stopping by – and not giving up on this intermittent blogger!