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Baptist Churches

Georgia has more Baptist Churches than I have ever seen – On the drive from Albany to Vienna (about 40 miles -most of it on Interstate 75) I saw signs for the following Baptist Churches –
Thunder Hill Baptist Church
First Baptist Church
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church
Charity Grove Baptist Church
Lakeshore Baptist Church
Cedar Creek Primitive Baptist Church
Lighthouse Baptist Church
Ebenezer Baptist Church
Antioch Baptist Church
Faith Baptist Church
…well, those were the ones I had time to write down!

I spotted this church amid the cotton fields while zooming along on Interstate 75. I don’t know if it was First or Third or Living Hope – but I’m sure it was Baptist – and that it was filled with praise on this Lord’s Day.

Jacks – Good Food, Fairly Fast

Yep, that’s what’s on the sign. Honest! It seemed packed (always a good sign) so we thought we’d give it a shot for lunch while we were waiting for the oil change on Lizzie to be accomplished. We walked in to a pretty ordinary looking place – tables on our left full of men wearing shirts with their names embroidered on the pocket and company logos on the back, and a buffet island on our left. We looked at the guy at the cash register – and he said – “go ahead, get what you want to eat, find a table and one of the girls will get you a drink.” Oooookay…We grabbed a plate and helped ourselves to braised chicken, fried chicken, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, greens w/ham, macaroni & cheese, a small salad bar, corn muffins and peach cobbler. Ok, so we didn’t help ourselves to everything on that list – but those were our choices. Monster glasses of ice water were served at the table. We ate our fill – and everything was delicious. The check came and only said – 2 buffets. I gave Gary a $20 and figured that was pretty safe. Much to our amazement, he returned with $13.75 in change!
This now ranks as the best deal of the trip! Buffet Lunch for two for under $7.00.
Maybe we’ll go back for breakfast!

Campground du Walmart

Walmart Camping….
We’re pausing here at a Walmart in Carmel, Indiana – (just North of Indianapolis) before we head south in earnest tomorrow morning.
Without getting in the car, we could have eaten at
Burger King
Steak and Shake
White Castle
Don Pedros Kitchen
Charleston’s (that’s the one we picked)
Old Country Buffet
Panara Bread

We could have bought birthday cards, engagement rings, dog food, office supplies, sporting goods, mattresses, bedroom furniture, little girl’s clothing, cell phones, shoes, bed linens, smelly girl stuff, a suit for Gary, and a dress for me all without going into the Walmart, Target or Kohls that are also within walking distance of our camp site!

So much for the great expanses of the Mid-West!
Feels like Home!

So far behind…..

Hello, dear friends!
So sorry there has been such a delay in posting – we really haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I just posted about four entries – but I’m still behind on getting the pictures up-loaded and organized. Not to mention telling you all about the great time we had with Toby & Tammy & Ellie last weekend.
Right now it’s 11:30PM on Tuesday, and we’re sitting the parking lot of the Monaco Service Center in Elkhart, Indiana. We have a 6AM appointment tomorrow to have some work done on Lizzie. If I can get real power to this computer, and maybe a wireless connection that won’t eat up all of my minutes – I’ll try to continue to get these pages up to date.
We are well – still friends, and having an amazing time!