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Our January Home

We’re here just west of Orlando in Clermont, FL. We (and 12 other SOWER couples) are spending the next three weeks at the Green Isle Children’s Ranch – a residential school for boys ages 12 – 17. Gary is doing what he does best – checking out and repairing all of the A/C and refrigeration units, and I am doing tutoring. OK, stop laughing! All the work is done on computers, so at least I’m good with that! The weather has been beautiful (sunny and in the high 70’s), the fellowship great, and the work rewarding. This weekend we’ll check out some local sights – hopefully ones that do not involve the words “theme park”. Surely there must be a nice quiet State Park around somewhere! We’ll let you know……

The Youth Academy, Kingstree, SC

We had a great time at this Sower’s project. The staff was great, the work interesting, and while we didn’t have too much opportunity to get to know the kids, we did have a final BBQ dinner on our last night there. Here’s a shot from that evening – the food was great, and the fellowship was even better!

Can you pick out the other “Sower” couple – Bill and Barbara Starrett?

Our December Sower’s Project

Our December Sower’s Project
Only one more week for us here at The Youth Academy. (We leave on Friday to travel to Lancaster for Josiah’s graduation on the 11th!). All has been going well – Gary gets started on the A/C in the house project tomorrow, and I’ve been busy redesigning forms for the office. The folks here have such a vision for helping these kids – they’re friendly and enthusiastic and confident of God’s blessing in this ministry. Along with working with them, we’ve worshiped with them the last two Sundays – and it has truly been a blessing to us. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to take some pictures before we leave so you can see these new friends of ours!

Friends at Faith

Ok, so these are more “staying in one place” pictures than Travel Pictures, but I wanted to share with you some of the great folks we’ve been working with these last three weeks.
Here we are with the Dick and Sharon Brittell (our SOWER co-workers) after we did Chapel for the school. We talked about how we are all different parts (tools) of the Body of Christ. We had a great time doing it!

And here we are at the TerriLynn Pecan shelling factory – hair and beard nets and all!

And then there are our friends at Faith Christian School –
Here are the little guys ….

Here’s the middle size gang-

And then there’s the big guys….

Here are all the teachers in their “new” resource room – it was a project that Sharon and I worked on. Considering that you could barely walk in the room, we think it’s a great improvement (cracks on walls notwithstanding!)

Did we mention the trains?

We’re on the home stretch at our project at Faith Christian School, and Gary just asked if I’d mentioned the trains. The school (and our camp site) is located between two sets of railroad tracks – each about two blocks from the school. And these are very busy tracks – and since they go through town, they have to blow those whistles, loud and long. They say it takes about three weeks to get used to it.
It’s been a busy couple of weeks – as often happens, when we would go to work on a certain project, it just kind of funnels into another project. What started as Sharon and I organizing the bulletin board “stuff” turned into a revamp of the storage room and trying to make it into a “resource room.” It still has a way to go, but at least the teachers shouldn’t be quite so afraid to enter! The guys continue to busy with yard work and general maintenance/repairs and we managed to get a set of curtains made and hung. Hopefully one more set will get done before we head on our way. We wrap up our time here on Thursday, but will be staying in our little spot until Saturday, tying up loose ends and packing up to hit the road. It has been truly a blessing to be here – getting to know the teachers and students, working with our new friends Dick and Sharon Brittell, and being able to use some of our talents in furthering God’s Kingdom.

Gary and Dick taming the courtyard. The grass was high and the bushes were wild, but they set them straight!