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Whatcha Doin’?

One of the first questions SOWERS ask their host (and each other) is “What will we be doing?” As we visited with our friends who were here last month, they shared that they had been painting and cleaning and painting (ladies) and remodeling bathroom (guys). Sounded a bit like this month would be very similar to last month. And that was ok – we do what needs to be done. However, when our host saw Gary’s A/C background, he started making a list of all the A/C units and refrigeration that needed to be checked or cleaned or repaired. In fact, Gary is already lined up to install a new unit at the director’s house! I’m pretty sure he’ll stay plenty busy. And just as I was getting ready to pull out the paint clothes for another month, I got a pleasant surprise. He saw my “5” level (which means I did it as a job) for office work, and asked if I would like to work in the office! Um, yesssss. I might just be running the copy machine and scanning receipts, but still and all – it makes this girl happy!
In other good news – the sun came out today. 🙂
(That’s the view from the office door! Sweet, eh?)
And the sunset tonight –
Oh. My.
So the question has been asked and answered. Once again, we’re right where we’re supposed to be!
It’s so good to be friends with the Man with the Plan!

The New Neighborhood

When we left our January SOWER project (Highland Lakes Camp) on Thursday morning
the sun was shining brightly. It’s a 15 minute drive just to get to the main road and we were blessed with beautiful glimpses of Lake Travis.
We had less than 50 miles to travel, but they were all taking us toward Austin and one of my least favorite parts of RV’ing – Traffic!!! And we also noticed that our beautiful sunny day was about to run smack dab into a cold front –
Oy! The traffic wasn’t really too bad since we had timed it for after rush hour. (Although it did bring to mind a trip I made into S. Austin last Monday with a sweet 91 year old behind the wheel during rush hour. Did I mention the blinding sun glare. Now THAT was a ride! Many prayers of thanksgiving were offered once we arrived at the doctor’s office. And yes, I did drive home! But back to THIS drive…) It went off without a hitch and soon we were tucked into our February neighborhood.
Even though we’re the only SOWERs at this ministry this month, there is another long-term volunteer couple here, and right now there are other campers that came in for a weekend retreat. I think the neighborhood will look different come Monday!

As you can see by the cloud cover in our parking picture, the cold front did arrived along with us! But a fun dinner (at the famous Salt Lick BBQ) with friends (yippee for a bit of overlap!) warmed us right up!
Friday morning we said good-bye to our buddies (though we’ll be working with them in March, so it wasn’t too sad!), and we spent the rest of the day learning the lay of the land (both in camp and the area)and getting a bit more settled. Today continued cool and drizzly, so we just stayed inside ALL day. Nope, didn’t get out of my yoga pants all day! But I did get a good start on Weston’s quilt!

All cut out, and ready to sew. Well, not quite ready to sew – I still have to arrange the layout. But still, it felt good to it cut and organized. And it felt really good to have a total stay at home, no place to go Saturday.
Hope you’re weekend is going well too!

PS – there’s a map showing our location over on But Where Are We Now? page if you want a bit more detail! 🙂

We’re Baaaaaack…..

Wow! Happy New Year, friends! We’ve returned from our Columbus Christmas trip, regrouped in Waco, and then headed down the road to our January SOWER project – Highland Lakes Camp in Spicewood, TX (between Austin and Marble Falls).  The camp is located right on Lake Travis, so although we are in a pretty remote area,it’s also pretty touristy so we are still enjoying some good ‘first world’ perks. Like several TV (OTA) stations, good cell phone service and reasonable internet. Not to mention a nice full hook-up and great neighbors (other SOWERS or staff here at the camp). I’m looking forward to a great month!

Meanwhile, I’m still sorting through photos from our wonderful family time in Ohio and I’m pretty sure I owe you a recap from the end of our trek through Arizona and Utah to get here. But all in good time. Or sooner or later.
I’ll sure I’ll get caught-up eventually.

Thanks for stopping by, friends!