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Tales from our travels

Staying Still

I’m sitting here in my sister Elna’s living room, enjoying her wireless internet, washer and dryer, and view of the White Mountains. She lives in Bradford, VT right near where we will be staying for the next week. I’m really ready to stay put for a little bit. Catch up on some real world bill paying, web site updating, and family news. We’ll be leaving Lizzie in Elna’s drive for a week while we enjoy time at our cabin. I don’t know when we’ll be back in this part of the country, so I am savoring my time here.
This past week was pretty quiet –
We left the Acadia area and headed to New Hampshire on Monday. Along the way we stopped at Fort Knox, ME – a fort that was built in the early 1800’s and was used for a total of about 2 months. By the time it was complete it was obsolete (kinda like computers today!). It was an interesting stop nonetheless.
Then we stopped at the last working Shaker community in the country. There are 5 Shakers left – 3 men and 2 women (aged from 30 something to 70 something). This was one of the most interesting places we visited because even though they had guided tours, it was still a working community. It’s hard to move the Shakers (in our heads) from 1800 to the Shakers of today – but yes, they shop at Walmart and drive cars and watch TV. They are a very progressive community – and are always looking for a better way to do something. Their most recent convert is a 30 yr. old man who has joined within the last year. It was very interesting.
By Tuesday we were at North Conway – with it’s outlets and fun little shops. Did a little shopping and sightseeing and then headed off to Plymouth NH where we had an appointment for Lizzie. Checked out Franconia Notch, the (formerly known as) Old Man in the Mountain and walked the Flume. Once again – spectacular examples of God’s Glory!
Even the view from the Campground du Walmart had a great view –

I have posted some new travel photos – plus a new picture of Ellie – so check’em out!
Take care, all – we’ll stay in touch!

Acadia National Park

OK –
While all might not be postcard quality, I’m not sure it is possible to take a bad picture in Acadia. We visited the park on two days – one drizzly and raining, the other bright bright sunshine. In all honesty, I love all of the pictures from both days.
Here’s one that’s cloudy and gray…..

Ocean Drive

And here are two with bright sunshine –

Ocean Drive

View of Bar Harbor from Cadillac Mountain

See what I mean?

Franconia Notch

Although my first love is Vermont, New Hampshire is a lovely state. And truth be told, the White Mountains are a little more impressive than the Green Mountains. (We won’t try to do the comparison with the Rockies, OK?).
We took a run up Rte 93 in NH, through the Franconia Notch State Park. Do it if you get a chance, OK? Even tho The Old Man in the Mountain fell off the mountain last year, this is still an incredibly beautiful stretch of country.
Here are just a couple of shots – I took a lot, but somehow they don’t really capture the awesomeness of the area.

Where the Old Man in the Mountain used to live:

Rushing water at the Flume: