A Pretty Perfect Saturday One

I’ve long appreciated our three-day weekends, and today’s “Saturday One” turned out to be an exceptional one! Gary was doing a bit of work first thing, so I took the opportunity to get the sewing machine humming.
That, in and of itself, would’ve made it a good day. But the day only improved as it continued on. We’d made some plans to get together with our friends Jeff and Esther and do a bit of South Carolina Exploring. As an added bonus, we were joined by their two daughters and seven grandchildren who live in the area (hubbies couldn’t make it, ’cause for them it was a Friday and not a Saturday One).
We started our exploration at Wildcat Branch Falls where the first set of falls was right by the road. The water was so inviting that I wasn’t sure we were going to get those littles to the actual hiking part and the second waterfall!
But at last everyone got their shoes back on, and we continued on to the second set of falls.

We took a nice break at the top of the hike to enjoy the scenery and watch the kiddos exploring the falls.  I’m pretty sure some shoes came off once again!
But soon it was time to head back down for the second part of the adventure.
Next stop was Caesars Head State Park – home to an overlook with fabulous views, but more importantly as this point of the day, LUNCH!
After our tummies were filled and we’d had a little more catch-up time with the grown-ups, we continued on with the exploring. This batch of little girls enticed me to come and see the Devil’s Kitchen. How could I resist those faces?
Um….are you sure I’ll fit down there?
We all made it through the cleft of the rock and while the girls (and the rest of the cousins) got busy exploring,
I was just soaking in the views.
Once we clambered back up out of the “kitchen” I was able to
enjoy the more official overlook –
Absolutely glorious!!
We paused before everyone piled into their respective cars for a group picture (with the view included!)
and then the younguns’ were off to soccer practices and hungry husbands.  Over in the grandparent car…well, there may or may not have been an ice cream stop on the way down the mountain. It’s totally undocumented, so if there’s no picture there’s no proof. Right?
It was such a lovely day, in a lovely state, with some oh-so-lovely friends. We are feeling very blessed indeed!

Thanks for coming along on our South Carolina Exploration! Rumor has it we might be checking out some other waterfalls before the weekend is over!

PS – The mystery location from Wednesday? Glacier National Park, Montana

Twenty Twenty One

2021 is a pretty big year in our world, with lots of milestones. Here are just a few –

This little cutie turned 45 in January! (Our first born!)

This young fella turned 40 last month.  (Our baby!)

This young lady will be graduating from high school in May. (Oldest of the Grands)


This young couple will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary this summer.

This wonderful crazy family will be gathering once again at The Cabin this year. Though I do believe the crowd will be a fair bit larger! =)  (Last count, with all the generations accounted for, we’re up to 70!)

This young man (who is now 10) will be experiencing his Grams and Pops Adventure this summer.

GarySteph Wedding
These kids will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in September,

and this itty-bitty will be turning 70 in November.

What a year! Of course there are many, many other birthdays and anniversaries that are just as important, so these are just some highlights.  Sounds like it’s going to be a Party Year around here!

Gardening Distractions

Did some gardening here at The Potter’s Place today.
Oh my, so many distractions!

And why are ye anxious concerning raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: yet I say unto you, that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.
Matthew 6:28-29

Mondays are for Memories – Critters 2

Last week when I did a post about the critters that we’d spotted while we were in Florida, I realized I had done another blog post using the same title. I checked back to see just what that post was about, and it turned out that it was written just about the same time of year, but all the way across the country in Arizona. So, since it’s about time I did one of those “Mondays are for Memories” posts, here you go!

April 19, 2010 – Prescott Pines Conference Center, Prescott, AZ


Being parked in the forest (more or less) has brought lots of opportunities to observe the local critters. 🙂
We’ve seen a lovely selection of birds –
Western Bluebird-1
Western Bluebird
acorn woodpecker
Acorn Woodpecker (love his eyes!)
Redbacked Junco
Redbacked Junco
White-breasted Nuthatch
And even though this wasn’t in our backyard (it was at one of those little lakes we visited over the weekend)-
Blue Heron at Granite Basin Lake
A Blue Heron in a tree!
But we also enjoyed the occasional mule deer wandering around –
Mule deer at Camp
And even though we see squirrels just about everywhere, we really had never seen any that looked like this –
Abert Squirrel
abert squirrel
Catch those ears! Turns out this is a Abert Squirrel. You wanted to know, right?
Just today I spotted this little guy –
Horned Lizard
A Greater Short Horned Lizard.
And trust me, if he hadn’t moved, I wouldn’t have spotted him! He stayed pretty still and without hardly moving snagged an ant that walked just a little too close. Ah, nature in action!
We certainly have enjoyed our backyard this month!

Thanks for coming along for this little memory!

Seeing the country……Serving our Lord!