That brings us to Plymouth

I’m sure I’ve missed something along the way, but here are just a couple of shots from the last few days.

Plimouth Plantation –

Plymouth Harbor

(that monument looking thing on the shore is Plymouth Rock)

View from Chatham (taken by exhausted bikers)

Notice we had just a little blue sky there.

But I turned around and took this picture of the Lighthouse – the sky did not look quite so encouraging (to those exhausted bikers)

And finally – a shot of Lizzie in her spot at Pinewood Lodge. A very pretty campground…….

More in Massachusetts

Well, we’re getting ready to pack up – so I thought I’d try to do a quick post before we head on our way. The next two nights are scheduled to be Walmart Nights, so this may be my last full power day for a bit!

We left Bellingham, MA early on Monday, and arrived just outside of Plymouth, MA by 8:30AM. Found the new campground, Pinewood Lodge, parked our girl Lizzie and headed off to Plymouth. The campground offered us their Gold Pass for Plimouth Plantation which got us in for $5.00/ea (instead of $22.00!). Needless to say, we were delighted with the bargain. The day was dreary and rainy, so the crowds were small. The Plantation was very interesting. Instead of having guides around, the people in the village are actually role-playing their characters in the 1620’s. So if you say you are from the Philadelphia Area, they are quite puzzled as to where that might be – near Greece maybe? There were some pretty interesting conversations going on! They also have lots of information about the first Thanksgiving – and the actual interaction between the Indians (Wampanoag’s) and the Pilgrims.
From there we went into Plymouth – checked out Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower II – an exact as possible replica of the Mayflower that was built in England in 1950 something and then actually sailed across the Atlantic. More actors, but also some guide folks that could answer questions about both the original voyage and the one from the ‘50’s.
Plymouth is a very quaint town – glad we made it one of our stops.

Lobster for Dinner – mmmmmmmmm Doncha love New England!

Tuesday we headed off to Cape Cod. We decided to do some biking, and landed in Chatham where they had just completed 2 mile bike path. Just my speed. Since I hadn’t been on a bike in about 8 years – and even then was not a very confident rider, I loved being off the roads and on reasonably level surface. HOWEVER – it ended right in the middle of Chatham, so we decided to head on into town. I must say the drivers were very bicycle friendly, but riding on main roads (even though they are rural) was quite a stretch for me. After a couple of hours I kept trying to think of some way to have the truck come to us instead of having us get back to the truck. Maybe a taxi? About 10 miles and a couple of sore butts later, we made it back to the truck (where we rewarded ourselves with an Ice Cream Stop!). It was a very fun – though exhausting day. We took 6A back to Plymouth – very scenic, and although not along the coast, still a very lovely ride.

Off to Maine today – before we hit Acadia National Park, I think we’ll be checkin’ out LL Bean!

Oh – the campers next to us here in Plymouth are from Warrington, PA. Go Figure!


These picture posts are a little out of order – We were in Vermont with friends our first weekend on the road. We went to the top of Okemo Mountain (after gawking at the enormous (and spectacular) houses on the way up), and climbed to the top of the Fire Tower.
Here’s the view looking out –

And here’s the view looking down –

Don’t pine trees look different when you see them from the top?

Mark Twain’s House

Did you know that Mark Twain lived in Hartford, CT? It came as a surprise to me, but maybe that’s where he got the whole Connecticut Yankee thing going……
Anyway, his home (and nearby museum) are very interesting, though I wouldn’t recommend driving through downtown Hartford with a 40 ft. RV towing pick-up truck. I guess it was better than the one-way cobblestone streets of Newport, but still pretty hair-raising, gasp producing stuff for the co-pilot!

Here’s Mark’s House….

Glad it’s not my lawn to mow!

The First Leg of the Trip

Even though I’m not getting this posted until the middle of August, I did want to post some of our earlier pictures. Here is a shot of Boston…

And of Mystic Harbor –

How I wish I had taken a picture of Gary’s Aunt & Uncle! We really did have a very special time with them.

And finally, here is a view from the “co-pilot’s” seat as we headed on our way to Hartford!

Seeing the country……Serving our Lord!