A weekend in Green Isle, FL

We’ve had a quiet weekend here at Green Isle. We had had every intention of “seeing the sights” here in the Central Florida area, finding a wildlife refuge to visit or at least locating a bike path, but when push came to shove it was tooooooo nice just hanging around home. The weather has continued to be excellent, sunny and bright every day. We did some laundry, I got started on Hayley’s quilt and Gary putzed around building shelves in a couple of the storage bays. We joined some of our Sower friends for a nice dinner out. One of our neighbors went around and washed all of our cars! (We’ll have to watch for him on other projects!). We worshipped on Sunday at a dynamic church in Leesburg, Southpointe Baptist Fellowship, and were blessed by the fellowship. It was a lovely, laidback weekend.

Oh – while we didn’t get to find a wildlife refuge, some of the locals came for a visit right here at our campsite. These wood ibis (American storks) came to our little pond, just 20 feet or so from the front of our RV.

It was a VERY nice weekend!

Our January Home

We’re here just west of Orlando in Clermont, FL. We (and 12 other SOWER couples) are spending the next three weeks at the Green Isle Children’s Ranch – a residential school for boys ages 12 – 17. Gary is doing what he does best – checking out and repairing all of the A/C and refrigeration units, and I am doing tutoring. OK, stop laughing! All the work is done on computers, so at least I’m good with that! The weather has been beautiful (sunny and in the high 70’s), the fellowship great, and the work rewarding. This weekend we’ll check out some local sights – hopefully ones that do not involve the words “theme park”. Surely there must be a nice quiet State Park around somewhere! We’ll let you know……

A New Year and a New Focus

When we started planning this adventure it all seemed so simple. We’d sell the house after all the kids were launched (more or less), wrap up our little business, buy an RV and take a year off to see the country. Even then (as many of you know) I had no concept of how that would actually happen. That was 1997. This is 2005. My oh my oh my.
We’ve learned a lot these five months ~ about each other, about life in an RV, about places to see and things to do, about the Lord and his grace, about the importance of family and friends. We’re also learning more about how this “adventure” is changing us and changing focus. We’ve fallen in love with the SOWER concept – using our talents to help others as we travel around the country. We’ve been very blessed by the two projects that we have done. So, instead of being tourists for a year and doing a couple of SOWER projects along the way, we are planning on doing SOWER projects most of the time and doing a little “tourist” along the way. We’re hopeful that the adventure lasts for a good long while. Keep Prayin’!!!!!

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” Ecclesiastes 9:10

Florida at Last~

We’re here at a rest stop just outside of Orlando, nestled between two semi’s (who will run their generators all night I am sure), listening to a Jim Brickman CD. We had tomato soup with croutons (no saltines) for dinner (served with a glass of nicely chilled Pinot Grigio, thank-you, Lara!) and played a game of Cribbage (I won!!). Ah, the simple life!
Tomorrow we report to the Green Isle Children’s Ranch in Clermont, FL (just west of Orlando) for our January Sower’s project. Don’t know what that will look like, but I know it will be new and exciting. This project, instead of having just two couples working, has 12! Lots of new friends to be made! We’ll keep you posted…..

Just wanted to say again that what a lovely Christmas Holiday we had visiting family and friends. We hope yours was just as special and that Christ remained in the center of it. And in case I don’t get to post tomorrow – Happy New Year to all of you , my dear friends! God is Good – ALL the time! May you walk closely with Him this year!

Christmas in Columbus

As we headed to Columbus we learned that we were driving into a major snowstorm. We didn’t hit the storm until we were almost to Columbus, but when it started in really got going! Don’t know who ordered the White Christmas, but Columbus got SOCKED!!! Toby and Tammy live a little north of the city in Marysville, and they got about 15 inches by Thursday noon. Columbus “proper” got about 6 inches of snow and then about an inch of ice. What a MESS!!! Josiah made it safely, Lara arrived from California, and soon we were all snug in Marysville. It was a wonderfully special Christmas. Little Ellie (just under 2) was delightful (of course!), and the newest Conrad, Hayley Elizabeth, did just was 4 week old babies do best – eat, sleep, poop, and mesmerize her grandparents and aunt and uncle! Santa was good to all, and I must admit that as long as we didn’t have to go anywhere, it was kinda nice having that White Christmas. By the 26th the roads had cleared enough for us to go into Columbus for a joint Birthday dinner for the kids (Toby’s b-day was the 26th and Lara’s is on January 4th). Check out the Family Photos page for a selection of the quadzillion digital pictures I took! Ah, Technology!
(Other pictures from our trip home are on the Travel Pictures page….

Seeing the country……Serving our Lord!