It’s not all work…..

Our Sower’s work week is only four days, so on Friday we left early to see some more of Georgia. We headed west – through Plains, (I think Jimmy and Roseanne were still sleeping), Americus (home of Habitat for Humanity) and on to Providence Canyon State Park just outside of Lumpkin, GA. This is home of the Little Grand Canyon of Georgia. Now we haven’t made it to the Grand Canyon yet, and I’m sure this is nothing really compared to that, but it’s pretty impressive for Georgia! Check out our photo’s page for some pictures of that beautiful park.
From there we went to Westville – an 1840’s village in Lumpkin. We’ve done historic villages in the north – this was the first one in the south. It was very interesting to see the differences – both in architecture and lifestyle. This Yankee is really getting an education!
Saturday night we saw a “Swamp Gravy” production – Georgia’s State Folk Life play. It was a great play – and if you’d like to know just what Swamp Gravy is – here’s a link to a recipe – !

Servants On Wheels Ever Ready

We have finished our first week as active Sowers (and here’s the correct link to that ministry’s web site –! Here was the job description that we got coming into the project –
“Faith Baptist Church/Chr School
204 E. Cotton St, Vienna, GA 31092
WORK: Men: Gen maint, &repair, carpentry, electrical, masonry, plumbing, yard work, computer set up, carpet installation, painting
Ladies: Sewing, cleaning, bulletin boards, organizational skills, laundry, computer, yard work, and cleaning.”

That job description pretty much sums up how we’ve spent our working time. We girls tackled “detailing” a refrigerator that had been badly neglected, but was in good running condition. Thank goodness for sturdy rubber gloves and heavy duty cleaners! We also rehabbed some donated restaurant chairs that the school wants to use in the dining hall. (The booths mentioned on an earlier post were too damaged to use. =( )The men worked on some plumbing and electrical “issues” along with doing some drywall. Next week we head to the yard work and some more – you guessed it, cleaning! It’s been a blessing to us to work on this project – it is very evident that God is blessing this ministry as it changes lives one at a time here in Southern Georgia.

Baptist Churches

Georgia has more Baptist Churches than I have ever seen – On the drive from Albany to Vienna (about 40 miles -most of it on Interstate 75) I saw signs for the following Baptist Churches –
Thunder Hill Baptist Church
First Baptist Church
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church
Charity Grove Baptist Church
Lakeshore Baptist Church
Cedar Creek Primitive Baptist Church
Lighthouse Baptist Church
Ebenezer Baptist Church
Antioch Baptist Church
Faith Baptist Church
…well, those were the ones I had time to write down!

I spotted this church amid the cotton fields while zooming along on Interstate 75. I don’t know if it was First or Third or Living Hope – but I’m sure it was Baptist – and that it was filled with praise on this Lord’s Day.

Faith Baptist Christian School, Vienna, GA

Tomorrow we begin our first SOWER’s Assignment. We are joining experienced Sowers Dick and Sharon Brittell on a project here in Vienna, GA – the Faith Baptist Christian School. We’ve gotten our “assignments”- the men will be tackling some building and equipment repairs and Sharon and I will start with trying to rehab a group of diner booths for them to use in their lunch room. We’ll all be working on cleaning up the grounds and working on some outdoor projects. We excited to get started – and will keep you posted on how the project goes. Tomorrow I’ll take some “before” pictures so we can keep track of our progress! God is really blessing this ministry – and I know we’ll be blessed to be part of the ministry.

Seeing the country……Serving our Lord!