Georgia National Fair

On our day off last week we joined the school as they went to the Georgia National Fair up the road in Perry, GA. Along with all of the “fair food” ~ funnel cake, sausage sandwiches, gyros, and Philly Cheese Steaks (now that’s a scary thought ) ~ we got to see cows and horses and bunnies and llamas and pigs and chickens and sheep and sheep dogs herding sheep. We also were delighted by the wonderful competitive displays – cooking, photography, flowers, crafts and beautiful quilts. The day was crisp and clear – it felt more like Vermont than Southern Georgia! It was fun to share part of the day with the “kids” and we were glad to have “gone to the fair”.

Guess I was in Quilt Heaven here!

Hanging around with some of our new friends from Faith Christain School

Just me and a couple of calves….

We finished the day with a trip to Jack’s Old South BBQ – one of the big winners of the 2004 Big Pig Jig Best BBQ award (among the other quadzillion trophies in the restaurant!). I’m not much of a BBQ connoisseur, but it tasted pretty good to me!

Did we mention the trains?

We’re on the home stretch at our project at Faith Christian School, and Gary just asked if I’d mentioned the trains. The school (and our camp site) is located between two sets of railroad tracks – each about two blocks from the school. And these are very busy tracks – and since they go through town, they have to blow those whistles, loud and long. They say it takes about three weeks to get used to it.
It’s been a busy couple of weeks – as often happens, when we would go to work on a certain project, it just kind of funnels into another project. What started as Sharon and I organizing the bulletin board “stuff” turned into a revamp of the storage room and trying to make it into a “resource room.” It still has a way to go, but at least the teachers shouldn’t be quite so afraid to enter! The guys continue to busy with yard work and general maintenance/repairs and we managed to get a set of curtains made and hung. Hopefully one more set will get done before we head on our way. We wrap up our time here on Thursday, but will be staying in our little spot until Saturday, tying up loose ends and packing up to hit the road. It has been truly a blessing to be here – getting to know the teachers and students, working with our new friends Dick and Sharon Brittell, and being able to use some of our talents in furthering God’s Kingdom.

Gary and Dick taming the courtyard. The grass was high and the bushes were wild, but they set them straight!

It’s not all work…..

Our Sower’s work week is only four days, so on Friday we left early to see some more of Georgia. We headed west – through Plains, (I think Jimmy and Roseanne were still sleeping), Americus (home of Habitat for Humanity) and on to Providence Canyon State Park just outside of Lumpkin, GA. This is home of the Little Grand Canyon of Georgia. Now we haven’t made it to the Grand Canyon yet, and I’m sure this is nothing really compared to that, but it’s pretty impressive for Georgia! Check out our photo’s page for some pictures of that beautiful park.
From there we went to Westville – an 1840’s village in Lumpkin. We’ve done historic villages in the north – this was the first one in the south. It was very interesting to see the differences – both in architecture and lifestyle. This Yankee is really getting an education!
Saturday night we saw a “Swamp Gravy” production – Georgia’s State Folk Life play. It was a great play – and if you’d like to know just what Swamp Gravy is – here’s a link to a recipe – !

Seeing the country……Serving our Lord!