We started our stay in South Carolina with a day trip to Charleston. We had wanted to see Fort Sumter, and many folks had commented what a great city Charleston was. I must confess we were disappointed. I must also confess that the biggest problem was that it started to rain shortly after we arrived and by the time we ended the day, it was a full blast pouring rain kind of day. We did get to Fort Sumter, where the first shot of the Civil War was shot. It was very interesting, but the weather did dampen our enthusiasm. We also had the impression that Charleston is an expensive city to be a tourist in. While the Fort was free, parking was $5.00 and then there was a $12.00/person boat ride to get there. Hmmmm. Free……
I did find an unexpected Quilt shop that Gary pulled right over for! He really is training nicely!
If we had more free days here I’d give Charleston another chance. Honest!

November comes to a close….

This has truly been a wonderful month! We’ve seen family and friends, descended into deep caves and hiked to the mountain tops. We’ve seen rushing waterfalls and walked in the ocean. We celebrated a birthday (mine) and a BIRTH day (Hayley Elizabeth). It’s been a month of new places and adventures and refreshment. Ahhhh. It was lovely!
We’ll be “staying still” here in Kingstree, SC for a couple of weeks. We’re on another Sower’s project – at the Youth Academy Group home. Looks like this time I’ll be working mostly in the office, while Gary will be working with a crew refurbishing a home for use as staff housing. Our co-workers are a lovely couple from Vancouver Island, Canada. The area is very rural – and Kingstree is pretty close to…….well, we haven’t actually found anything it’s close to, but we’re still looking!

On to December!!!

A Day at the Beach

First the morning – Gary and I walked to the beach just in time to see the sun rise through the clouds. It was soooo beautiful…….

Later that morning, Georgi sent Troy and I to the beach with the kids while she got things ready for them to leave the next morning. I played photographer while Troy played with his kids. It was a great way to spend a late November morning!
Here’s Troy with his new toy – an ocean kayak~

Abbi gets a ride ~

and Hannah gets a ride~

and Thomas just played with the waves!

Here’s the gang – a good time was had by all!

Backtracking to Thanksgiving

We have so much to be thankful for this year! Our travels and adventures have been amazing to us – God has kept us safe on the roads and led us to experience His awesome creation all through our travels. We’ve made new friends, reconnected with old friends, and found God’s people all around us. It has truly been a trip of a lifetime. And of course, the safe arrival of Hayley Elizabeth made the holiday all the more special.

The actual day of Thanksgiving for us was looking like a regular travel day. We were headed from north Florida to South Carolina and were just planning on grabbing a turkey platter at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant along the way. At the very last minute we were able to connect with our friends Troy and Georgi Sensing (and kids) in Amelia Beach, FL. What a blessing that was! We parked at a beach access near their home and got to watch the sun rise over the ocean.

The day was beautiful – a little cool, but bright and sunny with hardly a cloud in the sky. Troy, the kids and I headed to the beach while Gary hung back at the house, taking naps and playing with the remote. Check out the pictures page for some of our beach photos – we had a really great time! We joined other friends for dinner out – 6 adults and 7 kids. A typical Thanksgiving – and a delightful one at that! While we couldn’t be with our family, we were able to share the holiday with family nonetheless. Here we are with the Sensings after we’ve been stuffed (and before we didn’t have to do any dishes =)! )

Like I said, the day was beautiful!

Seeing the country……Serving our Lord!