Heading out tomorrow!

We’re wrapping up our time in Shrewsbury where we have had the pleasure of visiting with family along with seeing the sights of Boston and Old Sturbridge Village. We’ve also checked out the Staples, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Walmart, and yep, they’re pretty much the same where ever you are.
Tomorrow (Friday) we head off to Central Vermont where we will join our dear friends Lynne & Roger Croswell for the weekend. Don’t have any firm agenda, but we are certainly looking forward to kickin’ back with friends.
Hopefully over the weekend I’ll get a chance to add some details and pictures to our travel adventures so far. This not working keeps you pretty busy!

Oh, and in case you were worried, the haircut went just fine. =)

First Stop – Family and Boston

Things I have learned so far~~

Everyone else on the road does not know that you are beginning an entirely new phase of your life. Nor do they particularly care. Oh Well.

The Walmart outside of Shrewsbury, MA cleans their parking lots with street cleaners around 3AM on Mondays. They especially like to circle RVs that are parked on their lot.

It’s good to get on the train to Boston at the first station. You’re almost always guaranteed a seat.

Boston IS amazing.

Being deployed to the USS Constitution in Boston Harbor is the 2nd best deployment in the US Navy. The first is working for the President.

Sitting outside under our awning visiting with Gary’s aunt and uncle is a wonderful way to end any day.

~~We’re hanging in this area (outside of Boston) for a couple more days. Hopefully we will get to see some additional family, and some of the other sights in this general area. Tomorrow we have designated to do some housekeeping and re-arranging of the life we have tried to fit into this RV. Oh, and I get to give Gary a hair cut. New adventures for us all!

Stay in touch, OK?

Isn’t rain good luck?

It’s 7AM and it’s raining. But the RV is packed and we’re headed out at 8AM to begin this awesome (and sometimes overwhelming) adventure. Lots of family here to send us off – and we’re planning on going to Church and then leaving from there. I know we will need a LOT OF PRAYER over these next months (and years?). Feel free to jump in at any time!
Lots of last minute items to wrap up (like finding the coffee), so I’m off and running!
RV there yet?

(I’m sure I’ll have kinks to work out of the internet connectivity, so I may not get a chance to post again for a couple of days.)

It’s getting close!

Today is my last Friday at work!  It’s so hard to believe that after 9 1/2 years at the same job (and six years after I gave my notice) the end is not only in sight, but right around the corner.  While walking away from the 8-5 job will not be hard, walking away from the good people I’ve worked with and come to love will be.  Even in our excitement about the adventure ahead, there is the reality of relationships that will be left behind.  I guess that’s why we have this website – so that we can stay connected to friends and family.
Moving on to a less melancholy tone…..
I think I should have left a little more time off to wrap up my life before we hit the road, but I’m sure it will come together – somehow!  This weekend is full of trips to the local thrift shop (with Garage Sale leftovers), packing the basement of the RV, figuring out what really will be coming with us (I know the cookie sheets won’t ’cause they don’t fit in the oven!),  and getting our records in order so if anything catastrophic should happen while we’re travellin’ about, someone could decode our passwords and really wrap up our life!
OK, so now I’m just plain morbid.  Guess I’d better get the “last Friday at Work” going and actually get to work!

Seeing the country……Serving our Lord!