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Recovering nicely

I slept in this morning (all the way to 7:30) and then took my cup of coffee and walked around the campground to give (and collect) hugs from folks as they were packing up to leave. Some of us are staying until tomorrow, but many are on their way to their next destination. Even as the campground emptied out, we were all stuck with how wonderful that last couple of days have been. When over 40 SOWER couples get together amazing fellowship is bound to happen!! And it did!
There was worship
and food
and fun!
(Check out that form!!)
A long standing SOWER Reunion tradition is the Auction. Gary has been the auctioneer for several different reunions, but this is the first time we did it for the Florida Reunion. Not sure they knew quite what to expect! First he had them all do bidding arm stretches and then he made them hold up their checkbooks!
Although he’s the auctioneer, he lets me play along with him!
We have so much fun!
While there were lots of activities, there was also plenty of time for connecting with friends, old and new! We haven’t served in Florida for 8 years, so there were lots of new faces to us, but also many friends that we just don’t see often enough. The whole thing, from start to finish, was a delight! In a very real sense, these folks are our “Church Family”. And there was almost something sacred about these last two days filled with songs and stories, praises and prayers, and maybe just a little bit too much food! How thankful we are for these dear folks that are part of our life!

So many memories! So many blessings!
Thanks for stopping by!
P.S. Here’s a link to a couple more reunion pictures if you’re interested!

Just a quick note –

We are currently halfway through the 2020 SOWER Florida Reunion. We haven’t been to a FL reunion for 13 years, so it’s extra fun reconnecting with ‘old’ friends and making new!  So much fun – and I am so tired!! I’ll try to fill in some details later but here’s a group shot.  What  a great  group!