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Odds and Ends

We’re getting settled here at our resting place for April, and I was going through my pictures and trying hard to hit the “delete” button on some of the obvious duplicates and just plain bad shots. And of course, I found a couple more that I wanted to share, too!
Camping in Death Valley
It’s hard to say that we were actually camping in Death Valley. Pretty much what we were doing was parking the house in a big ol’ sand parking lot that happened to have public restrooms.
Now, these guys were CAMPING!
Boy Scout Camping
It was fun to watch everyone setting up and taking down. Some even did it daily (not this Boy Scout troup, though).
Some unusual Death Valley sights
This was on the way to the Racetrack (and the moving rocks) –
Teakettle Junction
A little National Park clutter!
While we didn’t expect to see much in the way of wildlife in the park (though we did hear some coyotes), we did spot these two little guys hanging out around the Salt Creek-
DV Lizard-1
DV Lizard-2
I guess they were out catchin’ some rays!
A couple favorite Windshield Shots –
Our very early morning departure resulted in a beautiful sunrise
sunrise 32610
which of course eventually turned in to annoying sun in our eyes, but it was nice while it lasted!
This was taken a couple of days later (still morning, still pointing east), and I love the layered mountains in the distance!
Road w layered mtn
Hoover Dam Update
Our next stop after Death Valley was Williams, AZ – the “Gateway to the Grand Canyon”. We decided to take the Hoover Dam route since although we had crossed it in the truck several years ago, we had never done it in Lizzie. (And I must tell you that the security check to cross over the dam was much more thorough than when we crossed the Canadian/US border. They checked all the bays and walked through the rig. Border crossings were pretty much just a couple of questions and off we went.)
ANYWAY – we also wanted to check and see how the new bridge was coming.
This is how it looked in December of 2008 during our first crossing-
Hoover Bridge 2008
A friend sent me an updated series of pictures of the area in a January 2010 email (though I’m not sure exactly when the pictures were taken). Here is one from that series –
Hoover Dam 2009
And just this week, when we crossed over the dam, the bridge looked like this –
Hoover Dam 2010-1
There’s still a ways to go, but I think it’s moving along nicely!
April Fools Day
We reached Williams without delay, and planned to head up to the Grand Canyon for the day on Thursday, April 1. However, after listening to the weather forecast we decided to postpone our Grand Canyon adventure until later in the month. When we woke up Thursday morning, we were pretty glad we decided to wait –
Williams Wakeup
Sunny and bright, but snowy and COLD. I think we made a good decision! Plus, now we have reservations for 3 nights right up at the Grand Canyon for the end of April. Anyone want to join us? 🙂
We’re all cozy in our new neighborhood, Prescott Pines Camp, which is outside of Prescott, AZ (pronounced Preskit, so it seems).
We’re up in the mountains (about 6000 ft), parked amongst the beautiful (you guessed it) Pines!
Prescott Parking
It’s a lovely change from the more desert-type neighborhoods we’ve enjoyed lately.
And Finally –
This is almost a week late (but we were in Death Valley on the day and even had to use a pay phone to call him, let alone find an internet connection to do a post!), but here’s a birthday shout-out to our youngest son, Josiah, who has entered his final year as a 20-something!
Josiah with nieces
(Seen here with his two nieces!)
Happy Belated Birthday, dear one! May the year ahead be filled with blessings and may you walk closely with our Lord!

Is the wrapping paper all cleaned up?

If you have a little time between straightening up the family room and washing the dinner dishes, how about going for a little ride? Gary and I had a great weekend up in NW Arizona and of course I have lots of pictures to share. My plan is to give you the Reader’s Digest Condensed Version and then if you REALLY have the time, you can check out the whole set at your leisure. So pour yourself a cup of tea, grab a couple of those snicker doodles, and come along for a ride!
Drive from Phoenix to Kingman
Since this was all “new road” for us, I was busy documenting the changing scenery. Through the desert, into the mountains, around the curves – it was a great drive!
Drive to Kingman-10
Snow on the mountains-
Drive to Kingman-19
Then finally snow all around us!
Drive to Kingman-31
It was a great drive, and the weather report was promising a bright and clear (though pretty cold) day for our next leg – Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. We settled into our campground in Golden Valley and started pulling out our hats and gloves and long underwear!
Hoover Dam Day
We started out pretty early (it was over 60 miles to the dam) and were met with a lot of fog. But that can present its own beauty –
Road to Hoover Dam-1
Road to Hoover Dam-4
This road pretty much only goes to the Hoover Dam, but along the way was Willow Beach. Since we had failed to allow for the time change we had a little time to kill, so down to the water we went!
Willow Beach.1
I don’t know who was going to get into those kayaks – the guy driving the boat was wearing a down jacket!
Willow Beach-6
Anyway, back to the main road –
Road to Hoover Dam-8
Road to Hoover Dam-15
And finally the Hoover Dam was in sight –
Hoover Dam.1-1
We opted for the BIG Dam Tour – a little pricey at $30.00/ea (a little pricey???), but we felt that it would be worth the investment. Sadly, we were wrong. Though it was interesting, it certainly wasn’t $60.00 interesting! But that, as they say, is water over the dam bridge.
The new bridge has a way to go – 🙂
Hoover Dam-8
The water in Lake Mead seems a little low – but it was beautiful nonetheless.
Hoover Dam.2
Which brings us to
Lake Mead
The drive north along Lake Mead started close to the lake
Lake Mead.1
(this was where we stopped for lunch. Sweet!),
but soon starts going through the mountains –
Lake Mead-11
Lake Mead.2
The colors along this drive were amazing
Lake Mead-25
But that was just the beginning. We exited Lake Mead National Park through
The Valley of Fire State Park
Spectacular red rock formations –
Valley of Fire-2
Valley of Fire-13
and generally eye-popping scenery –
Valley of Fire-20
made for a wonderful drive.
We eventually made it over to Route 15 which we took south to Las Vegas.
Heading to Vegas-2
We can now say that we’ve driven through Vegas – but we were too tired to take any pictures!

Phew, I think that’s enough for today! Here are links to MORE pictures of the day –
Road to Kingman
Road to Hoover Dam
Willow Beach
Hoover Dam
Lake Mead
Valley of Fire

But you might want to get a fresh cup of tea before you start clicking on those links!
Safe journey!