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Happy Birthday America!

You are flawed to be sure! But I’d not want to live anywhere else!
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
And Happy 97th Birthday, Dad!
You were also flawed (as we all are!), but I’d not have wanted anyone else for a Dad! Still miss you, Dad, even after all these years!

Mondays are for Memories – Birthday Buddies!

As we wrap up November, there is one more birthday I need to mention! Actually it’s a cluster of birthdays – the 2nd (Connie), 9th (Me), and today the 29th (Bonnie). Here is a post from a couple of years ago that pretty much sums up my affection for these two very dear ‘Birthday Buddies”.

Long, long ago, in (what seems like) a galaxy far, far away a young bride met with a ‘more experienced’ bride once a week for lunch. And encouragement. And prayer.
Time passed, babies came, and schedules changed. But the friendship and encouragement and prayers never ended. Our little twosome grew to include others as we changed from being young brides to being young moms.
Friends moved, babies grew, and life happened. Things changed.
But through it all, three of us somehow, by hook or by crook, managed to continue to meet once a year to celebrate our November birthdays. We’d often meet at church on a Sunday in November, enjoy lunch, catch up with each other and end the day in prayer. It was a very precious day for me, as I would often go the whole year without being in contact with them. But that thread of friendship never broke. Never even frayed!
Since we’ve been on the road, we three birthday buddies haven’t always been able to connect during November. But whenever we can work it out, we work it out!!

birthdaygirls08 ConnieBonnieandme
birthdaybuddies Connie Bonnie BonnieConnieand me

I didn’t make it to back to Hometown this past summer, so being able to connect with these precious Birthday Buddies, these Sisters in Christ was especially sweet this past October.
I’m so thankful for these friends from that galaxy far, far away!
So Thankful for US!

More Birthday Fun

Yesterday I not only had a super fun day being a tourist, but I also was blessed by many, many birthday greetings from my Facebook friends and emails and calls from friends, sisters, and kiddos! A couple of birthday cards even found me here in Citronelle. =) I got a couple renditions of Happy BirthdayUntitled
including one on video!

Pretty sure that’s a keeper! (Especially love the little guy on the right who doesn’t really know what’s going on, but just want’s to be doing what those big brothers are doing!)

Let the Birthday Month Festivities continue!

Starting a new decade

Today I start a new decade. And I think it started off pretty well! We rearranged our work schedule so we could have today off and we headed west into Mississippi to the small (though not as small as you might think!) town of Laurel. Home to the HGTV show Home Town, hosted by Ben and Erin Napier. It was a bit of a road trip (less than 2 hrs.) but good road all the way!
I have to say that the downtown road construction in Laurel was a little off-putting
but fortunately, once you found parking (there was plenty), the sidewalks were open and the shops were ready for your business!
Now life in ~300 square feet doesn’t allow for many knick-knacks, so we didn’t spend a lot of time in all those cute shops, but we did catch a glimpse of Ben at his workshop/store. (He’s the big one in the black hat!)
Mind you, he was behind a glass partition, and he didn’t actually come out and wish me a happy birthday or anything – but it was still pretty cool to see him in his ‘natural environment!’
And it was a little more satisfying than my up-close and personal selfie taken with the famous couple at the Mercantile.
We had a lovely lunch at one of the shops they renovated on the show
(that’s a salmon club sandwich with a side salad and it was a-maz-ing!), drove around the neighborhoods trying to spot houses that had been on the show (or maybe would be next???),
and checked out the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art.
(Full Disclosure – This was not high on Gary’s “Oh, this is fun!” list, but he was a good sport about it! It was my birthday after all!)
We finished out our trip to Laurel with a stop at Lowes (that is on Gary’s list), a 1/2 price (diet) strawberry limeade at Sonic and then a BOGO (small) Blizzard at DQ! (Just keepin’ it real folks!)
A lovely drive back to Citronelle
and we were home  before dark!

Just like old folks are supposed to!

So far, this new decade is working out just fine!