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Twenty Twenty One

2021 is a pretty big year in our world, with lots of milestones. Here are just a few –

This little cutie turned 45 in January! (Our first born!)

This young fella turned 40 last month.  (Our baby!)

This young lady will be graduating from high school in May. (Oldest of the Grands)


This young couple will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary this summer.

This wonderful crazy family will be gathering once again at The Cabin this year. Though I do believe the crowd will be a fair bit larger! =)  (Last count, with all the generations accounted for, we’re up to 70!)

This young man (who is now 10) will be experiencing his Grams and Pops Adventure this summer.

GarySteph Wedding
These kids will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in September,

and this itty-bitty will be turning 70 in November.

What a year! Of course there are many, many other birthdays and anniversaries that are just as important, so these are just some highlights.  Sounds like it’s going to be a Party Year around here!

Mondays are for memories – The Birthday Month

Ah, November! While I am fully aware that there are a couple of other things going on this month, I’ve always loved November because it is chock full of birthdays (mine included)! Here’s a little post from a couple of years ago where I reflected on some of the November birthdays that I hold so dear! Happy birthday, Connie and Bonnie – we can’t meet together this November, but we sure can ZOOM!!

November 29, 2018
Long, long ago, in (what seems like) a galaxy far, far away a young bride met with a ‘more experienced’ bride once a week for lunch. And encouragement. And prayer.
Time passed, babies came, and schedules changed. But the friendship and encouragement and prayers never ended. Our little twosome grew to include others as we changed from being young brides to being young moms.
Friends moved, babies grew, and life happened. Things changed.
But through it all, three of us somehow, by hook or by crook, managed to continue to meet once a year to celebrate our November birthdays. We’d often meet at church on a Sunday in November, enjoy lunch, catch up with each other and end the day in prayer. It was a very precious day for me, as I would often go the whole year without being in contact with them. But that thread of friendship never broke. Never even frayed!
Since we’ve been on the road, we three birthday buddies haven’t always been able to connect during November. But whenever we can work it out, we work it out!!

birthdaygirls08 ConnieBonnieandme
birthdaybuddies Connie Bonnie BonnieConnieand me

I didn’t make it to back to Hometown this past summer, so being able to connect with these precious Birthday Buddies, these Sisters in Christ was especially sweet this past October.
I’m so thankful for these friends from that galaxy far, far away!
So Thankful for US!

How can it be?

It was 34 years ago. I was going on and on (you know me, I am quite skilled in that) about how I just couldn’t believe that my baby was turning 5.

“How can it be? “
“How can you be five already???”
“Please stop growing up so fast!”
That little boy looked at me solemnly with his big eyes (and equally big glasses) and said,
“Mommy, Jesus wants me to grow.”
And grow he did. Oh, there were still moments when I failed to recognize this growth as he moved into adulthood,
JandH 09
(and we have some classic family stories to go with that), but here we are.
All growed up – and I bet having some of those same “Please stop growing up so fast!” moments!

Happy Birthday, dear youngest son of ours!! We are so thankful for the man, husband and daddy you have become. Enjoy this last year of being “thirty-something”! May our great God continue to lead you in the days and years to come! We LOVE you!

Another February Birthday!

The year was 1997. I was talking with friends from church and mentioned that our son Toby was headed to Messiah College in the fall.
“Hey, our niece Tammy is going there too! I’ll have to send her a note to have her look up Toby.”
They were married four years later!
T-T Weddingheart
Today is Tammy’s birthday and as I was looking for pictures, past and present, I came across this post from 5 years ago that STILL sums up our beautiful DIL!

To our Daughter-in-law Extraordinaire!
OhioChristmas-64Kids Birthday Party SuppliesAs a Mama, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an entrepreneur and a Jesus follower,
you do all things with love and joy!OhioChristmas-59
May your day be filled with love and laughter (and maybe just a bit of chocolate)
and may the year ahead be filled with blessing and grace!

We are blessed to call you daughter!
Mom and Dad

P.S. In case you were wondering – those kiddos are growing up way too fast! Here’s a recent shot of Tammy and their oldest. WOW! Such beauties!

Tammy and Ellie