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Moving the Mountain

OK, so it wasn’t quite the mountain, but still…..

Our cabin, while perched on a mountain top, is surrounded by quite a bit of lawn.
Cabin 2
And scattered throughout the lawn are lovely rounded rocks, sticking their little heads up out of the dirt, ready to cause bodily damage to lawnmowers. (I speak from experience, trust me.) This year, due to the aforementioned “experience”, the rocks were given a nice coat of yellow paint so they were plainly visible to the oncoming mower.
Yellow rock_edited-1
However, my guy felt that the most offensive of the rocks (remember that “experience”) needed a more permanenant solution –
Get out the shovel, the pry bars, the tow rope and have the 4Wheel drive truck handy.
The Rock
(see the yellow on the top of the rock – that’s what was showing.)
The Rock-1
This is the cheering gallery –
The Rock-2
OK, let’s try it from this angle
The Rock-3
looks good….
The Rock-4
keep up the power, Josiah….
The Rock-5
I think it’s coming….
The Rock-6
Perhaps some additional consultation would help.
The Rock-8
And the final big pull from our faithful truck –

The Rock-9

Our Hero –
The Rock-11

Now we just need to figure out how to fill that big hole, ’cause it certainly could do as much damage as the rock!
The Rock-10

A week to remember

cabin edge burn
As I finished up my last post I was thinking that my next post would be all about the wonderful time I had during my long-awaited Girls’ Week.
I would be sharing about the wonderful family and friends (aside from my immediate family) that I would be blessed to spend time with –
Cousin Robin who picked me up from the airport and then hung around with Elna and I for dinner. How delightful that was!
My buddy Lynne who had just arrived home from a hiking excursion out west and would be leaving shortly for Hawaii to welcome a new grandbaby. How wonderful to spend the day with her!
I might be remembering my brave brother who (along with his lovely wife and daughter) joined our group on Sunday. I say brave because he was the only guy, and there were 10 of us girls! And I’ll also be remembering that I didn’t think to take any pictures of that! Doof.
Or maybe I would be sharing about the fun time I had with my great-nieces-
Michele – an energetic 2 year old
Her little sister, Sawyer, who is just about 10 months!
And Rianne – twelve years old and helpful beyond words!
GirlsWeek10-7 eb
Or maybe I’d be remembering about the time we spent just hanging out on the lawn (getting ready to chase Michele!)
Anyone for a dip?
I’d be remembering the last minute scramble for a group picture of This Year’s Girls –
or the beautiful sunsets that we were blessed with –
And of course I will always remember the quiet times I had with my precious sisters, whether it was our early morning conversation with that first cup of coffee still snuggled under the covers, all of us in one bed or as we sat on the back porch and watched the sunset on our last evening together.
There are so many memories, and they are precious all.

But perhaps the most vivid memory of this year’s Girls’ Week will be the phone call that I got mid-morning on Memorial Day saying that Gary was in the ER in Nevada City with weakness on his right side. Within the next few hours he would be diagnosed as having a subdural hematoma and would be needing emergency brain surgery. By the end of the day (and upon being examined by a neurosurgeon) it was determined that the surgery might not be necessary, but I was on the first plane I could get and heading back across the country. From that point on the memories turn to blessings-
*Getting a flight that had me in Sacramento by noon on Tuesday. And making all the connections even after my hair barrette set off the security alarm in NH and I had to have a full body search!
*Having our daughter Lara meeting me in the airport (she was already “mostly” on vacation that week, so she was able to get to Sacramento on Monday!)
*Having wonderful, wonderful friends, Jo and Roy Butler, who took Gary to the ER and stayed with him until they got him into a bed in the ICU at a larger hospital. They kept me up to date on developments and were calm and steady and superb.
*Having my sisters with me to help me (and hold me) through those first uncertain hours.
*Realizing that Gary was getting excellent care from a top-notch hospital and neurosurgeon, even though I was 2000 miles away and could do nothing to help.
*Knowing that between my family, my SOWER family, my Facebook friends, and friends and family of all those mentioned before, Gary and I were both constantly before the throne of Grace.

We’re home now. There was no surgery, so the hematoma (apparently the result of a fall almost two months ago) remains and the doctor feels that his symptoms will continue to subside and the hematoma will resolve itself. His symptoms are mild, but include a “fuzziness” regarding his surroundings and while he can grip his coffee cup, he’s not always sure he’s putting it down on the table (not visually, but spatially). And he really likes to hold my hand when we’re walking. 🙂 Right now the thought of driving the motorhome anywhere (we were scheduled to leave for South Dakota on Sunday) is very far from his mind. The kind people here at Diamond Arrow have assured us that we can stay parked here as long as necessary (another one of the blessings) so we’ll be hanging out here until the time is right for us to go.

If this is “old news” to you, I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart for your constant thoughts and prayers and words of encouragement. For the news to go from “emergency brain surgery” to “go home, listen to your body and take a Tylenol if you get a headache” in 36 hours is certainly a “God Thing” in my book. If this is “new news” to you, we hope you will add us to your prayer list. The days ahead are uncertain, but we are confident that we are in God’s tender care.

Every experience God gives us, every person He puts in our lives is the perfect preparation for the future that only He can see.”
— Corrie Ten Boom

The missing part

Those of you who stop by here often know that we had an AMAZING summer. I totally overworked words like Spectacular, Awesome, and Incredible as we drove through British Columbia, the Yukon Territory, Alberta and Alaska. We were overwhelmed (another over-used word) by the mountains and moose and bear and glaciers and fjords and rivers and elk and eagles (etc, etc) that we saw, not to mention the wonderful people that we met and worked along side of during our time there. It was an outstanding, once in a lifetime trip.
There was only one drawback with our whole Alaskan Adventure ’09 scenario. It pretty much ruled out getting to our beloved Cabin in Vermont. We just couldn’t do both. But, for the first time in many, many years, our kids and grandkids ALL made it to the Cabin. And while it wasn’t quite the same as being there ourselves, it did my heart good to hear their stories and see their pictures and know that they were loving that little corner of the world that is so precious to us.
Toby and Tammy and the girls went during the summer. This was their first Cabin trip in nine years, and the girls’ introduction to life at the Cabin. Ah, the adventure of it all!
cabin summer 2009-1
cabin summer 2009-2
cabin summer 2009-6
Cabin summer 2009
I’m calling this the Turtle Series:
cabin summer 2009-8
cabin summer 2009-3
cabin summer 2009-4
It sounded like (and looks like!) the girls had a great introduction to the cabin, even with all of it’s rustic (i.e no running water) charm!
Josiah and Abigail went up over Labor Day. They brought up friends for the long weekend(always fun) and then had a couple of days to themselves as the week went on. I know they worked hard on some chores, and I trust they worked hard on kickin’ back and recharging too. What they didn’t work hard on was picture taking…. 🙂
So, moving on to Lara’s trip – Ah, she came in October. When you keep a fire going all the time and get to enjoy the amazing New England fall colors.
cabin fall 2009
cabin fall 2009-3
cabin fall 2009-5
cabin fall 2009-4

Our backyard swing is becoming a favorite photo spot –
Summer –
cabin summer 2009-7
Fall –
cabin fall 2009-6
Yes, we missed getting our “Cabin Fix” in person this year, but a vicarious “fix” is better than none at all!
Thanks, kids!

We’re still at MAF, even though our original plan was to head out yesterday (Thursday). My computer won’t be back at Best Buy until Monday, so we’re obviously hanging around until then. (They’ve replaced the motherboard again – maybe the third time’s the charm?) Most of the Sower folks have left, so it will be a quiet (and I’m told rainy) weekend. Back to the sewing machine I go!

Memories of a White Christmas

Unlike my Arizona Grandparents, I saw my Vermont Grandparents much more regularly. I cannot remember a summer vacation that was not spent in Vermont. There was The Big House (located in the middle of town, it was where my grandfather had his medical practice and was the house where my dad grew up), The Little House (located outside of town, it was a small house that my grandmother bought without telling my grandfather!), and of course The Cabin. Along with our summer vacations we would also get to Vermont to celebrate Christmas. I don’t think we went every year, but I know we went often. I can remember many a Christmas that we had an early Santa arrival so all the gifts didn’t have to be lugged in the back of the station wagon up to the Little House. Here we all are (along with our cousins) on Christmas Morning 1962 –


My sisters and I are totally engrossed with something under the tree, poor Kim is totally hidden by the tree, and Wanda and Dewey are the only cooperative subjects. 🙂
We were almost always guaranteed a white Christmas on those Vermont holidays. And although I don’t actually remember this outing, this is one of my favorite shots that came out of my grandmother’s collection of slides –

So from here in the land of giant cacti and mesquite trees I wish you all a very blessed Christmas.
Oh, God….
help us rightly to remember
the birth of Jesus, that we may share
in the songs of the angels, the gladness
of the shepherds, and the worship of the wise men.
May Christmas morning make
us happy to be your children.

Robert Louis Stevenson