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It didn’t take long

…for some of those blogging habits (as in doing it more regularly) to fall by the wayside.  And I’m running out of excuses for not keeping up with things better.  The SOWER newsletter has been sent out and is off my plate for a couple of weeks.  My sewing projects are right on target (pictures of those after they are actually gifted),  and our SOWER work is going well. Maybe the best way to get myself back on track is to just chose an assortment of recent cellphone photos.

So let’s get started!
Gary joined me in the Health Office late last week as he replaced an under-counter hot water heater. It was a fun diversion as I continued organizing camper health forms. It’s always fun to work alongside my guy!

Untitled Gary took care of some RV chores. He really does get into some interesting situations!  I love that man!




We enjoyed a lovely end of the week campfire with our co-servants. It was good to kick back and rehash the week. And the fact that we’d finally had some non-rainy days! (Still chilly, but blue skies!)

I spent a little too much time trying to figure out an email glitch. Grrrrrr…. I know, I know, it’s a total First World Problem, but it was super frustrating.





We also spent a sweet overnight at Toby’s house. Took in a little league game, had lots of sitting around the table time (which may or may not have included losing at cards), and had my heart filled with snuggles from this little one!


I took a couple pictures of us going through the car wash too, but that seemed a little TOO weird to include in this little potpourri of photos from last week.   You’re welcome. 🙂

Better wrap this up and head to bed – the alarm will be going off before I know it! As always, thanks for stopping by!



Real Time

Life is certainly getting away from me these days and I’ll have lots to share in the days ahead. But for now I just wanted to check in and let you know that we have (sadly) left the Cabin, traveled to Columbus and are currently enjoying time with our two Ohio families. Since everyone is either in school or working we’ve been hanging out at the RV, catching up with life (and bills and emails and cleaning!). But our afternoons are full with family and fun.

We’re parked at the Union County Fairgrounds, and even though we’re here all by our lonesome, we have a lovely view –

(My Dad was big into Harness Racing, so every time one passes by it stirs all kinds of Dad-memories!)

Once I get the SOWER Newsletter wrapped up, I’m going to work on getting this blog caught up. You can check out the “So where are we now?” page to get a feel for just how chaotic our next couple of weeks will be!

Thanks for stopping by (even when it gets a little quiet over here!)