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Mondays are for (sweet) memories

Instead of looking back into the archives for a Memories post, it only seemed fitting to look back to just this past weekend where there was a lot of walking down memory lane! There is something very special about spending time with someone who shares your growing-up memories, and this past weekend was no exception!
We started the weekend by going through lots of old family pictures
…and giggling at the stylin’ folks we were!
(Please note our pet squirrel, Pierre, on my oldest sister’s arm. One of those favorite family memories!)
Little girls in their PJ’s –
And except for the degraded photo problem, this is a pretty sweet family photo – circa 1962 +/-.
We could’ve spent hours going through them, but there were other items on the agenda!
When we were downsizing into our RV, Joie took ownership of this folding screen that we’d had in our living room. And before we had it, it had been in my grandmother’s bedroom. We’d learned that my grandmother had done the crewel work and my grandfather had built the frame, so even though it was in pretty bad shape (though not as bad as the picture shows!) it was still precious to us. Joie was delighted when one of her granddaughters discovered this family treasure and asked if there was some way it could be redone so she could use it in her apartment. The two of them began hatching a plan, and then this weekend Joie and I took the plunge and actually cut into the almost 100 year old fabric.
While I can’t reveal all of details of the plan (oh, that we had all those details!), I can certainly share some of the beautiful crewel work that we’re trying to preserve –

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

I’d have loved to have stayed longer to help with the actual construction, but that was not to be this time. I’ll be sure to share the finished product once it’s completed and been gifted!
Of course, no sisters weekend would’ve been complete without a little bit of time with ALL the sisters, so we made sure to have a nice long video call with Elna. Besides, she was a huge help with identifying folks in all those old photos!

It was such a lovely weekend – it brought back so many wonderful memories and we made some new ones to boot! The older we get the more we value, no – treasure, each and every moment we get to be together. And the fact we had ice cream for lunch one day didn’t hurt one little bit!

Thanks for coming along as I walked down my memory lane…..