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Saturday Errands

We had a pretty productive day today – how about you? We started the day with our co-workers Tom and Wendy who joined us for a bit of a walk about at the McKinney Third Monday Trade Days (which apparently is held on the weekend before the Third Monday of the month – go figure). It’s one of those gigantic flea market where you can purchase anything from Texas swag to fun decorative items to yard art to giant corndogs.
We weren’t looking for anything in particular, but still we managed to come home with some goodies –
Three scrubbies for Gary, a pair of earrings for me, and a Griswold cast iron frying pan for the kitchen. (Ok, it’s really for me….)
It was all I could do not to come right home and cook up some bacon!
I’m sure we missed some bargains, but I am happy to report that we made it down the puppy aisle without going home with one! There sure were some cuties, though!
Once we’d had our fill of Trade Days (and with our happy purchases in hand), we headed to In N’ Out for lunch.
(Picture is from a previous visit – I wasn’t very good at taking pictures today!)
Once we leave this area we will be out of In N’ Out land until this time next year, so it felt good to get one last cheeseburger, protein style, animal style. (If you know, you know. If you don’t, I’m sorry!)
After our burgers we were off to find a Little Free Library, Gary’s favorite book swap venue. We found one just outside McKinney and Gary was able to ‘Take a Book and Return a Book’. Or six.
(Hey, I saw those fun license plate letters at the Flea Market!)
After the book swap there was a quick stop at Lowes (we have a running Lowes list so when we see one, we stop) and then off to Costco. Lots of folks are surprised that we have a Costco membership since we obviously don’t have much room for buying things in bulk. For sure we don’t by paper towels and toilet paper there. But we do pick up our coffee, check out any bargains in the clothing department, maybe pick up a rotisserie chicken ($4.99!!) and see what else might tempt us. And we always, always pick up a couple cases of water (48-17oz bottles/$2.99!). Our list was short today, but another thing we really like about Costco is this –
Yes, that’s $1.589/gallon. Love this!
Last was quick run into Walmart to pick up a prescription and a few incidentals, and then we were headed home. All in all a good productive day – and we were home in time for a lovely afternoon snooze!

The rest of the day was pretty lazy – but hey, it’s the weekend right? Hope your day was the perfect blend of productive and easy chair too!


Breaking Out

Yesterday we ‘broke out’ of our little corner of the world to run some (what I considered to be) essential errands. Important stuff like laundry and coffee filters! The grocery store was reasonably stocked (no Clorox wipes or anything like that, but food was available), the laundry wasn’t very crowded (point of interest – it’s really hard to determine if your clothes are dry when you are wearing gloves), and our quick run into the post office for stamps was easy-peasy.  To finish out our excursion, we even tried to find the actual town of Middleburg (not just the commerce strip where the stores are).  We located Main Street and while we drove past some lovely old homes, we never found what we would consider to be an old town square.  But we did find the boat access to the North Fork Black Creek, which at least gave me a little walk and a lovely view of the river/creek.

It was good to be out and about!