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Mondays are for Memories – February 2007

Ten years ago we were working at Teen Challenge Boys Ranch in Bonifay, FL (in the panhandle). Here’s a little memory from our Florida winter!

February 15, 2007 – Happy Trails to you…..

So, just what have we been up to the last couple of weeks?

Life here in Bonifay has developed into a peaceful routine. We’ve made some good friends, both among the volunteers and also among the staff. The fellow in charge of maintenance is Joe Hardy, and he’s a real cowboy at heart. He invited Gary and I to join he and his wife Diane for a trail ride this last weekend. Sure – sounds like fun! Saturday dawned bright and clear – just a little chilly. But not to worry, we loaded up the horses and headed to Pine Log State Forest to join several others in their riding club. Gary & I were definitely the beginners in the bunch! I should have worried when no one seemed to know just how long the ride was going to be. The ride was lots of fun – only it was about 2 hours too long! I was riding Dakota, who would walk along slowly (bounce, bounce, bounce) and then break into a trot to catch up with his buddies (bbbooouuunnce, bbbbbouuunnce, bbbbbouuucnnnce…). Over and over again. This horse needed a cruise control! The fellowship was great – but yikes, did I hurt by the time we finished the ride. Sunday it hurt to sit, and then after that it just hurt to walk.
Here’s a shot of Gary on the trail (just before we trotted up to join him!)…..

And here we are at the end of the ride. Phew, we made it!


One of the fun little parts of this adventure is our quest for interesting quilt shops (OK, so it’s not the most interesting part to everyone on this adventure, but then again there are all those trips to Home Depot!). We’ve been to great big stores, like Keepsake Quilting in NH, and Mary Jo’s in Gastonia, NC and we’ve been to little shops like the “Fabric by the Pound” (no web link here!) shop we stumbled upon in Maine. Trust me, I have the “fat quarters” to prove each and every stop! I’ve even found a little fabric store in the town just down the road in Graceville, FL. It’s called Crafty Cats Quilt Shop and Tanning Salon. Honest.

But here’s a little shop (Quilts N More) that we drive by each time we head to Dothan, AL –

I’m just a little concerned about the “more”…………

Mondays are for Memories – March 2007

Still pretty gray and drizzly here in East Texas – so it seemed only right that I took a peek back to March of 2007 and a beautiful day that included a couple of waves and lots of blue skies!
A Day in the Sun – March 26, 2007


I figured it was about time we actually saw some of the beautiful area that is all around us and get these toes into the Gulf of Mexico , so armed with the Reader’s Digest The Most Scenic Drives in America , bookmarked to Drive 116 (Gulf Coast Drive) we started out early Saturday and headed toward Tallahassee. Our first destination was the Apalachee Savannahs Scenic Byway. It was a beautiful drive toward the coast through “longleaf pine flats, cypress bogs and grassy savannahs”. But before we had traveled too far we took a little side trip to the “The Garden of Eden Walk – Apalachiola Bluff and Ravine Preserve“. It seemed like a do-able hike (3 miles round trip), and after all, this is Florida right? How hard could this be? So off we set, me in my slip-on sandals and Gary in his docksides.
It started out nice and flat….
Then the terrain started to change (you know you’re in trouble when the trail guide says -“Do you notice the change in temperature?”)

and then the ups and downs started…..(get it – ravine and bluff) IMG_7225

We did finally make it to the top – and the view was very fine indeed –IMG_7230_edited
…the only problem was the 1.5 mile hike back to the car! It really was nice hike – though a bench or two along the way would have been nice for us out of shape (and badly shod) adventurers. A good start to the day, though.
Back to the Scenic Byway :-), until we came to Fort Gadsden Historic Site. A small but interesting site of Florida history (of which I know very little) and a nice little side trip.

OK – enough of the pines and live oaks with beautiful spanish moss. On to the BEACH! There were several choices, but we opted for St. Georges Island State Park – and it was a very good choice.

Need I say more.

After our beach fix we headed to Panama City where we joined friends for dinner and then headed back home to Bonifay. It was a full day – and a very very good one.
You can see the rest of the day’s photos here, if you’d like! Lots of Flora, but no Fauna – and lots of Blue Sky!

A bouquet for you!

Homer-24 Iris-4 BrackleyBeach-6
KW mimosa Georgeson Botanical Garden-22 Ikoniak garden-5
IMG_7148 Tulips - Skagit Chena Hot Springs Day-10
daffodilso-matic IMG_7142 Georgeson Botanical Garden-6

From Alaska to the Florida Keys I’ve gathered this bouquet for you this Valentine’s Day.
Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

But for right now, until that completeness, we have three things to do to lead us toward that consummation:
Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly. And the best of the three is love.
I Corinthians 13:13

Mondays are for Memories

One of the assignments given during the Blogging 101 Course that I (sorta) took was to create a “feature”. I thought about Wordless Wednesdays or Throwback Thursdays (already done over on Facebook) or maybe even Freaky Fridays. Nothing really jumped out at me until I started doing a couple of posts that required me to look back through my 10+ years of blogging to find a particular entry. And I found out that I really enjoyed being reminded of some of the really wonderful-special-extraordinary-everyday events that I’ve journal-ed about over the years. So my newest feature (this month and hopefully for the months to come) will be Mondays are for Memories – a re-post picked randomly (or not) from the RV There Yet archives. I’m more than happy to do all the choosing, but if you’d like to shout out a date (no, you can’t just shout it, Fitz – you have to leave a comment!) I’ll be happy to find the post closest to that date and re-post it on a Monday. (Just for the record, my first post was June 29, 2004.)
For this week, I’ve chosen one that is almost 10 years exactly old. February 15, 2005

On The Other Side of Disney!

What do you get when you take 6 adults and 2 small children, put them together in an RV and a tent on one campsite, add a five day Disney pass and almost perfect weather?
Eight very tired people who thoroughly enjoyed themselves (to the point of exhaustion it seemed at times) and each other immensely!
We truly had a special time as a family at Fort Wilderness and Disney World last week. It’s hard to believe that something we’ve talked about and been planning for over three years is now just a wonderful memory to be cherished.
Yes, we were a little cramped and
Yes, there was “stuff” everywhere and
Yes, our precious 2 yr old Ellie suffered a couple of meltdowns from excitement overload combined with late nights and missing naps and
Yes, we ALL went home with colds and the need for repeated naps,
Hayley was content in her stroller for hours on end,
Ellie got to hug Snow White, Mickey Mouse, any number of Lion King friends, Winnie the Pooh, Stitch (or was it Lilo?) and even Nemo.
Toby, Tammy, Lara and Josiah got to ride the roller coasters and see the shows they wanted to. Gary and I even took in a few ‘coasters and shared some old people moments while we enjoyed the company of the grandbabies while the big kids took their turns!
We got to share meals together (even getting together with my niece Bethany who lives in NY City, but who happened to be in FL on a mini-vacation) and even agreed (mostly) on what kind of food we should be eating! (BTW, everything was delicious and while not a bargain, was not totally out of sight price-wise!)
We played miniature golf, sat around the campfire and sang silly songs with Chip and Dale, spent recovery time just hangin’ round the campground and never left the Disney Complex (except to do airport runs) the entire time.
It was a VERY WONDERFUL WEEK and one that I believe we will all cherish for years to come.
Lara’s back in California, Toby, Tammy and the girls are back in Columbus (trying to reestablish their routine, I’m sure) and Josiah is back in Doylestown. The RV is quiet again, and I’m missing them already!
Here we are at the Disney miniature golf course – with a trailer of course!
(There are a couple of new pictures of the girls on the family picture page – I must confess that most of the pictures centered around Ellie (and I’m sure you’ll be able to tell why!) )

(This post was done on a different blog ‘platform’ and the mysterious “family picture page” no longer exists. I have no idea where those pictures are now living on the internet. I hunted around and finally found the batch on a CD, so you are welcome to see more of our family ten years ago in Disney World HERE!)

St Patty’s Day

So – did you have a fun St. Patrick’s Day? We actually did nothing, absolutely nothing, that had anything to do with the “holiday”. We failed to wear green, stayed out of the pubs, and didn’t consume anything green. But we did have a pretty great day!
Our destination for the day – Pensacola and the National Naval Aviation Museum.
Oh, my – what an wonderful museum!
And I’m not really “into” airplanes!
We were able to join a guided walk-around tour (given by a retired military pilot who was great!) and even though it took a little extra time, it was well worth it!
They started at the very beginning (of military flight, not the Wright Brothers)
and took us right to today’s fighter jets
and even the Blue Angels!
(The Pensacola Naval Air Station is home to the Blue Angels and this week they are having a free demonstration/practice session. Unfortunately, we just could not work it into our schedule. Rats.) But we thoroughly enjoyed our walk through the history of Naval Aviation!
(this was the type of plane that shot down the Red Baron in WWI, and Snoopy was just a little bit of whimsy – do you remember the 1966 song Snoopy vs the Red Baron? Here it is on YouTube if you’d like a little flashback!)
OK – is that enough of the airplanes? EXCELLENT museum and here’s a real bonus – it’s FREE!
We also made a quick stop at the Pensacola Lighthouse –
and soberly drove through part of the Barrancas National Cemetery.
We thoroughly enjoyed our brief foray into Pensacola (need I mention we also checked out a Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart and Sonic?) – it was a lovely day all around!

Tomorrow we start our last week here at Camp Baldwin, so I really need to get going on my “wrapping it up” post about the project! But in the meanwhile, if you’d like to see a couple more Pensacola pictures (mostly from the museum), check them out here.
Hope you had a lovely weekend, :), and I’ll leave you with this sunset from this evening.