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Last day of school

So what do you do when it’s the last day of school even though it feels pretty much like every other day has felt for the last two plus months? You hit up Mr. Snow for some celebratory ice cream!

Welcome to kindergarten and fourth grade!

Then when you get home, you get to enjoy another beautiful Texas sunset as you keep an eye on the the puppy while Mom and Dad have the joy of getting 3 little ice cream stuffed boys into jammies and bed.

Until the mosquitoes get the better of you!

Sweet dreams everyone!

The Answer and a Postscript

The pictures from yesterday were taken early in our adventure (like October 2004 early) at Providence Canyon State Park, aka Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon! Interestingly, this impressive canyon is less than 200 years old, having been formed by poor farming practices in the mid 1800!

Here is a little video from a local TV station that has a little more information!

We would highly recommend a visit if you are ever even remotely close!

And as a postscript from Tuesday’s post – here are those sweet boys waiting in the airport for my arrival!

Oh yeah. All the feels!

Mondays are for Memories – and an update!

Five years ago today I posted –

Taran Joseph Conrad
who joined our family on Monday, February 16, weighing in at a mere 10# even. He and Mama are doing great, and Papa and Weston are jumping for joy!
Here’s a picture of his big brother Weston (now 3 1/2) who outweighed him by 1 oz.
Weston Gary Conrad
Pretty sure they’re related!
We love you guys to the moon and back – Welcome to the Family, little guy!

Praise God from whom All Blessings Flow!

Yesterday that [not so] little guy turned 5!
Five!! He continues to bring great joy and happiness to all of us (and most everyone who knows him!). I can only offer an AMEN to what his Mama wrote –
Happy ❗️5th❗️Birthday to my handsome, bubbly, smart, funny, brave, caring boy, #TaranJoseph! 🥰💙
We love you, and we are so overjoyed that you are ours.
Yes, we are so very thankful you are ours!!

Full arms, Full hearts

This past weekend we took a quick trip to Waco to greet our newest grandson, and love on the rest of our Waco clan!
It was a super sweet couple of days, where we snuggled with the littles and hung out with the not so littles!
It was a laid back couple of days
and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with the kiddos. Little Deacon spent Saturday night back in the hospital, enjoying a ‘spa day’ under the lights (the dreaded bilirubin count was getting higher instead of lower), but by morning his ‘numbers’ were back in the right range, and he was home Sunday afternoon.  God is good!

We did have a opportunity to see some friends, make sure a couple of our favorite Waco eateries were still delicious, and even stopped at the Parrott Ave house and greet the new owners. (Yikes, I know that was risky, but we had a gate opener that we wanted to return so it seemed like a legitimate reason to stop. They were delighted to officially meet us, and remain totally thrilled with the house. I confess it did our hearts good to know that all was well!)

We left Waco knowing we wouldn’t see these darling kids until next summer, but oh so very thankful for Facetime and Skype and any of the other miracles of technology that allow us to watch ALL these babies grow!

Today we had another addition to the family! This very day we welcomed this sweet ride into our family-
Not as exciting as that little Deacon, but still a pretty big deal in our world!
Thanks for joining in our JOY!
PSSST – if you’d like to see a couple more photos of those cute grandboys – you can check them out HERE!