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Reunion Time

We have been blessed with a great family. Oh, we don’t necessarily all see life the same way and there might just be a quirk here and there (hold up the mirror, Steph!), but at the end of the day we love each other and genuinely enjoy each other’s company.  And those are things we never want to take for granted.  All of those warm and fuzzy thoughts were brought to mind when we recently had a family reunion here at Montrose Bible Conference.
Just look at all these beautiful people!
Like any family gathering, we couldn’t all be there. But I do think we made a pretty good stab at it. Of the first generation (that would be me and my siblings, including spouses), six out of eight of us made it. Of the second generation (our kids and their spouses), 16 out of 24. Not bad, right? And of the third generation – well, 26 of the 34 made it.
(the littlest one, 8 mos old, was napping for the photo shoot!)
Quite a family, no?
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Speed blogging

You’ve heard of “speed dating”, right? Well, hang on – here comes the speed blogging whirlwind!

Oakridge Ministries – Anadarko, OK  4/10 – 4/22
Great SOWER project! Wonderful time spent with friends, old and new, big electrical job completed, big drapery job hung and hemmed, house renovation begun, deck built and stained, many peanuts eaten.

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Time with the Kids in Ohio – April 28 – May 8
Snuggles and giggles and swing sets and gymnastics and ballgames. So good to spend time with these littles and their parents!

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My excuse – a WWW

I was doing pretty good with my self-imposed Post-A-Day goal for February (I had only missed Valentine’s Day and I actually had one ready – just forgot to hit the “Publish” button!) until this past weekend. Truthfully, some things are just more important than trying to figure out what to write on a blog.
Like this fellow –
and this little guy –
Among the highlights of our weekend –

  • A visit to the Waco Mammoth National Monument with our newest Junior Ranger.
    We learned a lot – especially just how really, really big those guys were!
    This location is a very recent (July 2015) addition to our National Park system, and we were very glad we got to check it out!
  • A haircut for me (and W also if you compare the first picture with the Junior Ranger picture)
    One of my biggest short hair “fears” is the need to get a cut every 6-8 weeks and always having to find a new stylist. It was great to go to the same sweetie that did the first cut, and we went super short (for me) to try and delay the next trim. We’ll see how that goes!
  • A trip to the Verizon Store. That was such an adventure, that I’m saving it for another post.
  • We brought Mr. Stanley along, but he didn’t get out too much. I’m pretty sure he still had a good time, though!
    Taran with Flat Stanley

Yes, indeed – we had a Wonderful Waco Weekend with our Texas kiddos! It’s probably the last one for a season, so we truly relished each moment.
And had exactly Zero Moments to worry about blogging! Sorry – but it’s really how it should be!!
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Flat Stanley

Have you met Flat Stanley? Apparently  he’s been around for several years and grade schoolers (in our case, a certain 3rd grader) from around the country send him off to friends and relatives so he can learn about different communities.  He arrived in our little neighborhood earlier this week
and we’ve been doing our best to show him around.
Just yesterday we took him into town after we stopped to show him the Antioch Colony marker and building.
This was a settlement of freed slaves following the Civil War. There isn’t much left of the settlement – mostly just that building, but it’s a pretty interesting piece of history. Stanley seemed pretty interested in it.
From there we headed into town to a sweet fabric store I thought he might like.
I know I did.
And since we wanted him to experience more of the flavor of the town, we stopped for some coffee on the way home.
Nothing like a $4.00 cup o’jo to start off the relationship!
He started to check out the antique store next door, but got tangled up in the greenery and didn’t make it inside.
Today I showed him around our more immediate neighborhood, and he thought everything looked just fine.
He’s been really pleased with the nice mild weather here, even though he knows he’ll have to go back north in a week or so. And he’s very excited that tomorrow he’s coming with us to San Antonio to see some good friends. We might not make it to the Alamo, but he’s ready for whatever adventure we might find!
You just never know what might happen next!

PS – Happy Birthday to our sweet little Taran, who turned two today. TWO!!! Oh, My!
Looks like you had a pretty good day!!!
(Photo creds to his Mom.)

The First

There is always something special about things that are “The First”.  The first tooth, the first step, the first day of school, the first kiss, the first SOWER project and the list goes on. The same is true about that First Grandchild. And today, our First Grandchild turns 14!! We had a sweet talk over Christmas about the blessings and the curses of being the Oldest (especially with 4 siblings!), but I have to say, she’s handling them both well! Happy Birthday, Eliana Grace!!! We love you more than you can possibly know, precious first granddaughter of ours!