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Our Thanksgiving Baby

Although Thanksgiving looks different for almost everyone this year, we still have so many  things to be thankful for, don’t we? I won’t list them all, but every seven years or so we get to celebrate not only our many blessings, but our special blessing of Hayley, who was born on this day 16 years ago! While she wasn’t born on Thanksgiving Day, we still consider her our Thanksgiving Baby!
Today she is smart and funny and 16!!!! Oh, and did I mention quite beautiful too???  We don’t know what God has in store for you, dear Hayley,  but we pray that you continue to follow Him wholly in the days and years to come! We love you!!

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Happy 16th Birthday to our amazing Hayley! We are so thankful for you each and every day!
Grams and Pops

Baby Things

Starting with grandbaby number one (back in 2003!) I started making two crib quilts for each baby. One was pre-birth and was made with heavy duty wear in mind. It was the ‘throw on the floor’ quilt that I hoped would gets lots of use. The second was constructed after the baby’s arrival, usually with lots of input from Mom. I still hoped it would get lots of use, but (in my mind anyway) was a bit more special. This past year we’ve had two additions our family – Deacon Wood arrived a year ago October, and Everly Quinn joined the family in early June.
Here’s Deacon’s pre-birth quilt –
and here is Everly’s (we didn’t know she was a she until she was born, so I just went with bright!).
When we were together with the families at the end of the summer I was able to steal away with the Moms to pick out fabric and patterns, and then I was good to go! Since Deacon was oldest, his got first priority. Abigail picked out some great fabrics and this was really fun to put together!
So many triangles!!!

You are such a hoot, Deacon!

Once I had a good start on Deacon’s quilt it was time to get started on Everly’s.  We’ve had a run on little boys lately, so it was especially fun to work with the pinks and greens and flowers….seemed like a while since I’d been working on those hues!
I was able to ship it up to Ohio several weeks ago, and it seems that Mom was pleased!
And little Everly seems to be enjoying it too!
What a little munchkin!!!

Making quilts for my grandbabies makes my heart happy! Each quilt goes to those little ones filled with love and prayers. But beyond the designing and sewing and quilting, what I truly treasure is the time I got to spend with my precious Daughters-in-love as we  planned out and shopped for each quilt. With all the busyness of family life, those excursions are too few and too far between, so I never want to take them for granted. I don’t know if there are any more grandbaby quilts in my future, but I’m pretty sure my quilting days aren’t over. Alexandra, aren’t you next for a bed quilt?

Brain Fog, but Heart Full

I’m suffering from a bit of COVID Confusion these days. From Tennessee to Ohio to Texas, back to Ohio and now in Pennsylvania – what’s open, what’s not, what requires masks, who has one way isles, where can we eat out (Inside? Outside? Takeout only?) and WHEN CAN I GET MY HAIR CUT??? So many questions for my little brain to process.
But while my brain is in over-drive, my heart is very full! Over the last two weeks I’ve been able to see all but one of my grandkids, and even without a pandemic, that doesn’t happen very often. So in brief summary –
The Great Bedroom Shuffle and the Marysville Clan-
Gary made great progress on the drywall in the basement and while they aren’t quite up to the ‘ready to paint’ stage, they are certainly getting close!

Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled

Now that baby sister Everly has arrived
that basement ‘suite’ has a new sense of urgency! But then again, pretty sure she won’t be needing her own room for a bit! Especially with all those brothers and sisters lining up for their turn to hold her!
I’ m so thankful that we were able to stick around long enough to meet that little one! We are already very much in love!

Our Gahanna Gang
With all of the quarantine restrictions, we only got to see this sweet family a couple of times (and only saw Ellie on a video chat). But they were precious times nonetheless!
Alex 2020
That little girl is growing up Way Too Fast!

The Waco Cowboys
My main purpose in making the trip to Waco was to help with the move into their new house outside of town. Since they didn’t have a deadline to be out of their previous house, the move was an ongoing process. Oh, I managed to unpack a couple of boxes and did my share of making sure the new cabinets were ready to be filled, but I think primarily I was there to just be an extra set of hands in an already very busy household! Everyone was super excited about the move and Josiah and Abigail have some big plans for their new homestead. I was just pretty excited to be hanging out with these littles!
(Abigail worked hard to get that Grams and boys shot –

Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled

I think the only one who was ready with each shot was little Deacon on my lap!)

What a great (even if it was exhausting) family filled couple of weeks! I may still get confused why there are so many PA license plates in the parking lot (oh, right – we’re IN Pennsylvania), but that’s OK.  We’re right where we believe God wants us to be – and for us, that’s the right place to be!

Thanks for sharing in my joy at spending time with the ‘grands’!




If you’d like to see additional photos – (’cause you know I took more!) Basement Reno
Ohio Visit
Waco Week


The rest of the Fam

This pandemic stuff has really been a bummer, right? Although our daughter and family live just 30+ miles from where we are in Marysville, we really haven’t been able to connect as much as we’d like. I did get down last weekend for a bit to give her a hand with some mask sewing
and to spend some time with Alexandra.
(There may or may not have been more time spent with Alex than actually sewing, but I’m hoping that was a help too!)
While we haven’t been able to connect since, we will be heading that way tomorrow for a good visit. Yippee!!

Meanwhile, down in Waco….
UntitledJosiah and Abigail closed on a new house yesterday!They’ll be moving over the weekend (today!) (and spreading out after over a year in a 2 bedroom/1 bath house with 7 people!) and have asked me to come and give them a hand with settling in. In reality, I’ll probably be doing more of the Occupy The Kids routine than actually unpacking, but that’s what us Gramma’s are called to do, right? So Monday morning I’ll be flying to Waco, with my mask and hand sanitizer and plenty of snacks in hand, for a week to lend them a bit of Gram’s Support. The good news is I’ll be seeing ALL of my kiddos and grands within a two day window. The bad news is I will probably miss the arrival of the sweet baby here in M-ville. Sigh. (Though, with all of the COVID-19 guidelines, I’m not sure just how present I would’ve been able to be anyway.) Hopefully, I’ll get to meet the little one upon my return, though even that will be from a distance I’m sure.

Hope you all have a good weekend. Rumor has it that this is a holiday weekend, but at this stage of the game I’m happy just to recognize that it IS a weekend!

Blessings to you all –

National Sibling Day

Did you know it was National Sibling Day? If you’ve been hanging around this corner of the internet you KNOW I’m often waxing eloquent about my wonderful sisters.  Sisters’ Week, Sisters’ Winter Getaway, Sisters’ Cruise – the list goes on and on.  But I would be remiss if (especially on National Sibling Day) I failed to include my amazing brother – Dewey!
Now Dewey was responsible for replacing me as The Baby of the family, but man, he was so cute it was hard to hold that against him.
Today that cute little guy is a great Dad, husband and family provider. We don’t get to see him (and his family) as much as we’d like, but when we do it’s always a time of laughter and fun. We sure do love you, little brother! You make our family complete!

Header today – Our kiddo sibling group the last time they were all together – July 2016. Two more babies have been added – and there’s one on the way! It’ll make an even dozen grands! Our hearts are full!