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2003 was a very good year

Ellie baby
The day we moved into our Jamison home in 1981 I remember hugging my mom as the last box was being unloaded and saying that this house was IT. This was our last move and THIS was the house that our grandchildren would be coming to. Little did I know at the time that 23 years later we would be not only moving from that house, but moving into a 300 square foot house on wheels. But God was kind. Feb 3, 2003 we welcomed this little darlin’ into our family. Ellie, the only one of the grands born before we began our RV adventure, came to that ‘forever’ house several times before we hit the road. She doesn’t remember of course, but I will always hold those precious memories close.
(Actual proof that she was there!! That’s our sofa!)
Today she turned 16. Oh. My. Heart. She’s smart and kind and talented and beautiful. And most importantly, she’s given her heart to Jesus.

Happy Birthday to this sweet girl that made us grandparents. We may not be close by very often, be we carry you in our hearts and in our prayers.
Grams and Pops

It’s easy today

to find something to be thankful for!! On this day, eleven years ago we welcomed this sweet little blue-eyed beauty into our family!
Maddie standing
(full disclosure, she did not arrive looking quite like this! =) )
She’s filled our lives with smiles and snuggles, laughter and love! I feel a special affinity with Maddie since she’s the classic ‘middle child’ (kinda like me), celebrates her birthday just one day before mine, and is the lone blonde haired, blue-eyed child in her family (which she definitely got from her Daddy’s (our son) side of the family!)
Marysville Kids Reunited
We got to spoil her for a week this past summer, so her sweetness is still fresh in our minds!
Happy Birthday, Maddie in the Middle! We love you to the moon and back!
Finally - the three of us