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The rest of the Fam

This pandemic stuff has really been a bummer, right? Although our daughter and family live just 30+ miles from where we are in Marysville, we really haven’t been able to connect as much as we’d like. I did get down last weekend for a bit to give her a hand with some mask sewing
and to spend some time with Alexandra.
(There may or may not have been more time spent with Alex than actually sewing, but I’m hoping that was a help too!)
While we haven’t been able to connect since, we will be heading that way tomorrow for a good visit. Yippee!!

Meanwhile, down in Waco….
UntitledJosiah and Abigail closed on a new house yesterday!They’ll be moving over the weekend (today!) (and spreading out after over a year in a 2 bedroom/1 bath house with 7 people!) and have asked me to come and give them a hand with settling in. In reality, I’ll probably be doing more of the Occupy The Kids routine than actually unpacking, but that’s what us Gramma’s are called to do, right? So Monday morning I’ll be flying to Waco, with my mask and hand sanitizer and plenty of snacks in hand, for a week to lend them a bit of Gram’s Support. The good news is I’ll be seeing ALL of my kiddos and grands within a two day window. The bad news is I will probably miss the arrival of the sweet baby here in M-ville. Sigh. (Though, with all of the COVID-19 guidelines, I’m not sure just how present I would’ve been able to be anyway.) Hopefully, I’ll get to meet the little one upon my return, though even that will be from a distance I’m sure.

Hope you all have a good weekend. Rumor has it that this is a holiday weekend, but at this stage of the game I’m happy just to recognize that it IS a weekend!

Blessings to you all –

It’ll be a Quick One

First of all – it’s late.  Well, maybe not so late to some of you folks, but for us travelers who just spent a day and half on the road followed by wild and crazy (and beautiful) chaos at our son’s house (5 kids ages 6-17 will do that), it’s be a long day. So – before I crash all together…

WWW – I had some good guesses on my Where in the World Wednesday location. Lake Superior and Lake Erie were two of them. It was actually was Prince Edward Island. Perhaps if I’d used this picture of Green Gables-
Green Gables-10
or maybe this one that highlighted the red clay the island is famous for
PEI Wednesday-10
it might’ve been easier!
If you ever get the chance to visit PEI – do it! It was a delight on so many levels!

The rest of the trip….
Our RV maintenance stop this morning went well. They checked a couple of items and did some filter maintenance and pronounced us Good-to-go so it was a good start to the day!

We were only a hour or so from the kids, so I just followed along behind the rig (and took a careful moment to snap a picture!)as we traveled through the beautiful Ohio farmland.

With hands carefully washed, we were able to give hugs (while holding our breaths) to the 5 grands that belong to our son Toby and his lovely wife.

You probably can’t tell from this photo but the youngest in the front chose not to climb into the tree because he wanted to show off the toad that was on his hand. Ah, the life of a six year old!
We also hugged the adults. Shhhhhh)

Games were played, a delicious meal was shared and a very short rendition of Romeo and Juliet was performed. Now it is long past the time I should be in bed!

Sleep well, dear friends!! Stay safe – and keep washing those hands!

National Sibling Day

Did you know it was National Sibling Day? If you’ve been hanging around this corner of the internet you KNOW I’m often waxing eloquent about my wonderful sisters.  Sisters’ Week, Sisters’ Winter Getaway, Sisters’ Cruise – the list goes on and on.  But I would be remiss if (especially on National Sibling Day) I failed to include my amazing brother – Dewey!
Now Dewey was responsible for replacing me as The Baby of the family, but man, he was so cute it was hard to hold that against him.
Today that cute little guy is a great Dad, husband and family provider. We don’t get to see him (and his family) as much as we’d like, but when we do it’s always a time of laughter and fun. We sure do love you, little brother! You make our family complete!

Header today – Our kiddo sibling group the last time they were all together – July 2016. Two more babies have been added – and there’s one on the way! It’ll make an even dozen grands! Our hearts are full!