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Mondays are for memories…Circles of Grands

Over the years I’ve tried my best (often to the annoyance of the subjects) to get a certain photo of the grands when I have them all together. It started with the three (2008)
and then four (2011)
then five (2013)
and before we knew it we were up to seven! (2013)
By the next time we did the Grand Circle, we were at nine. (2015)
Grandkids 2015
We held steady at nine for the next reunion (2017)
and this summer (2021) we bumped it up to eleven, only missing our Ellie B!

This last picture the ages ran from 18 down to 1, so I’m not sure just how many more years I’ll be able to convince everyone to join the circle.

Or if I’ll be able to find a ladder tall enough to get everyone in!

But you know I’ll keep trying, right?