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Sorry it’s been so quiet here….

but my days have been consumed with board meetings, and my evenings pretty much consumed with letting my brain rest after said board meetings!
Board Meeting
But the meetings have finished up and life is beginning to kick back to normal. What that actually means is that today I’ll finally get to the vacumming and cleaning, changing the sheets, and other such interesting chores. This afternoon we’ll be heading to Waco for the weekend – a long awaited visit with daughter Lara. But it will be nice to leave the house in “nice to come back to” condition :).
One of the projects I have been slowly working on is my yearly picture book. Yes folks, I try to, each year, put together a photo book (like from Shutterfly) that highlights the places we’ve been during our 6th (yes, 6th!!!) year on the road. And even though the task is daunting, (we visited over 10 Major National Parks/Scenic areas and I’ve taken over 3000 pictures) it’s been quite a nice walk down memory lane. I thought it might be fun to review just some of the headers I’ve used here at rvthereyet.org over the last year, and then in the days to come I’ll try to share some other favorite photos from Year Six.
Here is the header from Glacier National Park –
Glacier header2
This one is from our time in the Coachella Valley and was taken on one of our many trips to Joshua Tree Natl. Park
coachella header
And I really loved the quail in the desert-
quail 2
But California wasn’t all about the desert –
There were snow capped mountains-
header snow capped
Beautiful cities (San Diego)
San Diego header
Mountain lakes (Lake Tahoe)
tahoe header
and then there’s always Death Valley.
zabriski header
I’m sure you can figure out where this one was taken – Valleyofmonumentheader
Monument Valley Navajo National Park – Arizona.(one of my very favorites!)

Thanks for coming along on my little walk down memory lane :). I’ll have more to share as I keep plodding though the files, but if you have any favorites from the last year, I’d love to hear from you!

Better get back to that vacuuming!

Hello, this is Doris from the Census Bureau

Can I please speak to either Gary or Stephanie Conrad?
-This is Stephanie
*Hello! I have some questions about your location from your census form.
*Well, can you tell me exactly where you were on April 1st?
Let’s see….April 1st we were parked in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Prescott, AZ
*A Wal-Mart Parking lot in Arizona? Well, it says here on your form that your address is in Lake City, FL.
Well, it is. But we live full time in our motorhome and on April 1st. we were in Arizona. But I figured you really wanted to know where we got our mail, and registered our vehicles – that kind of stuff.
*But we really need to know where you were physically on April 1st.
The Wal-Mart in Prescott, AZ.
*Well, where were you going from the parking lot.
On April 2nd, we went into a conference center outside of town and stayed there for about three weeks. And before that we were in Palmdale, CA.
***confused pause*** Actually I called because we were having trouble locating your Lake City, FL address. Could you give me the closest crossroads for that address.
-I’m sorry, but I’ve never been there.
*But it’s your address.
I know, but it’s actually a mail-forwarding company and we just have a manila folder there. I’m pretty sure it does exist, though.
*Do you know anything about where it’s located.
*Well, thanks for your help. I think.

It’s probably a good thing I didn’t tell her we actually were “moving” to South Dakota on April 1st.