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Visiting our old friend

The Dreyer Lodge Attic at Montrose Bible Conference
(HERE‘s one of the blog posts about our time in the attic back in the summers of ’12 and ’13)

It’s been a couple of summers since we had the need to climb up there, but with a possible broken wire Gary knew he had to start at the top. Since he’d run a couple miles of wire during the installation, it was a bit daunting to try and find the problem.
We couldn’t find any obvious breaks, so we moved to the control panel downstairs.
Thankfully, he found the problem in the panel and it was a fairly easy fix. Phew. It would’ve been trouble indeed if a wire had broken in the wall!

With the A/C problem fixed and the piping begun for the walk-in refrigeration unit, it looks like we’ll be able to head to Vermont tomorrow as planned! Yippee! Guess it’s time for me to go and over-pack!



Wheeeeee! Week Three!

This is not a Wheeeee – Week Three, thank goodness its over.
This is a Wheeeee – Week three – man, that was fast and fun!!
Although it’s always hard to see a project come to an end, there is always something satisfying about packing up your tools, and reviewing what was accomplished during those 12 short days of work. Sandy and I used our paint brushes every day (basement craft room, 6 doors and 3 sets of closet doors, and three lodge rooms), and it was great to know that those were things that the maintenance staff did not have to worry about this summer.
UntitledThe guys moved through a long list of plumbing, electric and carpentry items without hesitation. Some jobs, like that well/pump re-do, had been on the back burner for a very long time! Although summer will look very different this year (thanks to the pandemic) for this camp and many others like it, maintenance still has to be done. We were honored to be able to serve here – and give them a hand with some long overdue chores!

But as it happens every SOWER month, all good things come to an end.  We left this morning after a lovely time of prayer (but sadly without the hugs that we really love) for a short 30 mile drive over to Montrose Bible Conference.

We aren’t here at MBC as official SOWERS this month, but more as ‘friends of the conference center’ since we’ll be in and out as the month goes by. Gary will be working on their refrigeration situation, and for the first part I think I’ll just be catching up on life here at home. (The third load of wash is already underway!). Next week we’ll be heading to The Cabin for a spell (insert happy dance here!) and then it will be back to Montrose until it’s time to head to our August SOWER project. We’re thankful for this lovely spot that has become as close to home base to us as anything these days.

As we wrapped up our time at Rock Mountain, we posed for an official “Group Shot” by their sign.
And then for an official “Sign of the Times” group picture!

Thank you, LORD, for a good month! For good new friends and for being able to do the work you have for us to do!
And thank YOU for stopping by!

Montrose Memories

SOWER Board meeting –
SOWER Newsletter done (for the moment)
Settling in at our October project 

Must be time to do a bit of catch up! I just checked back and my last “This is what we’ve been doing at Montrose” was back on July 13th. Yikes! So let’s just do a couple of final thoughts about our time at Montrose Bible Conference.
First of all – it was way shorter than usual. We were scheduled to be there from May through August, but were delayed by our Waco house project until early July. But even though it was shorter, we still had a great time serving there. We worked with two couples in July – The Westgates and the Griffins.
We were all kinda kindred spirits, so it was a joy filled month. We ladies did a fair bit of housekeeping (read making beds and folding linens) but also helped out when we could in one of the dorm renovations.
Gary got the Walk-in Freezer as far along as he could, but some missing panels prevented actually getting the job all the way done.
Thankfully he was able to complete the actual refrigeration part of the installation
so hopefully when the walls are completed they will just need to pull the switch and it will start cooling. Well, that’s the plan anyway.
I was also able to attend parts of the Montrose Christian Writers Conference, which once again inspired me to do a better job at carving out time to actually write. While I can’t say I’ve made any great strides in that department, it still was a great week filled with great speakers and writers. So glad I can be part of this! I highly recommend it to other aspiring (or published) Christian writers. Fiction, non-fiction, anthologies, children’s books, poetry – even song writing was covered this year! It’s a spirit filled week indeed. Now to just get moving on that writing thing!

We wrapped up time at MBC by working with our buddies the Schoenenbergers.  Love them!
More beds were made, more walls were spackled, more memories were made. We worked with a super crew this summer –
and it was great to be part of the Montrose Team!

Although our Montrose Summer was shorter than usual, it was still filled with all good things. Once again we felt we were where God wanted us – and that’s always a very good thing!
Thanks for stopping by!

PS – the sweet pregnant couple on the left of that Montrose crew picture are now the proud parents of a sweet baby girl.
PPSS – (not sure if that is a thing but) There are more pictures of our time in Montrose (and other adventures during that time) HERE!

Wrapping up Montrose

It seems crazy to me that our Montrose summer is coming to an end.  Yet here we are, with suitcases packed and the fridge organized for a quick cooler-pack in the morning, getting ready to head to the Cabin tomorrow morning! We’ve hugged the summer staff and said our farewells to the full-time staff. But before we load up the truck and pull out tomorrow, I figured I’d better give a recap of just what we’ve been doing all summer.
(Full disclosure – According to Gary,  I’ve been playing most of the summer: a SOWER sister get-away, a cruise with my sisters, a surprise day at Knoebels with our daughter and family, a week with our grandgirl Maddie, and then a long Vermont weekend for a family wedding.  And there is some truth to that, because those excursions were beyond precious to me! But honest, some work was done!)

My primary job this summer (when I wasn’t off playing) was to help with housekeeping. And for me that meant making beds and cleaning guest rooms.
And when I wasn’t putting clean sheets on the beds, I was making the sheets clean.
At a busy conference center there are ALWAYS beds to be made, and sheets and towels to be washed. Nothing like a job security!

Oh, I also got to do a bit of kitchen work and even was tasked with sewing a batch of new aprons.
So it wasn’t ALL about bed linens!

Gary was disappointed that the walk-in Refrigerator/Freezer project didn’t happen as expected, but there were plenty of other projects to keep him busy.
There was the new guest room in Torrey
and a porch landing to rebuild.
He also got the new dorm rooms closer to finish (though I don’t have any pictures of that) and the last couple of weeks he worked on moving some ductwork in the Rec Hall. Again, I don’t have any pictures of the actual work, but I did get a picture of the completed job. Well, at least from the pretty side!
Those fine registers (or at least their installation) are his handiwork!

If he hadn’t already gone to bed, I’m sure he could list out more projects that he worked on.

Lord willing, there will be a foundation (and maybe even some framing done!)here next summer.

It was a chock-full of fun (and work) summer for us, and as always, we were blessed to be here at Montrose Bible Conference.
But I gotta tell you, and this point we can hear the cabin calling………

Flag Day and the answer

Happy Flag Day everyone!

Have you been having a good week? Aside from an excursion to the cardiologist on Wednesday (tests went well – but no word yet.), I’ve been busy helping with the Big Bed Shuffle here at the conference center. Remember all those mattresses that were delivered a week or so ago?
UntitledWell, the new queens are going into the rooms in Lily Hill (the motel), and the newer doubles that had been in Lily Hill were moved to replaced some older doubles in Dreyer. Then all the twin beds were replaced with new. In other words, just about every room at the conference center got some type of new (or new to them!) beds. It was a good chance to do some behind the beds cleaning,
and then ALL those beds had to be made! Ah, job security!
Gary, who has been on ‘light duty’ since this whole heart thing started, kept busy making all the bed frames for those new queen beds.
Neither he or I were actually involved in the shuffling of all the mattresses (thank goodness!). Just the pre- and after-math of said shuffle!! All in all, it was a good and productive week!
This weekend we head to upstate NY for a weekend visit with our good SOWER friends, Joe & Kim. =) At the end of the weekend, Gary will head back by himself and I’ll hang around in NY until Kim and I pick-up our other dear friend Jenny at the airport on Tuesday for a much anticipated Girls’ Getaway!!
Watch out – here comes trouble!

Oh – the Where in the World Wednesday location? I had a lot of good guess over on Facebook, and lots of them got it right away.

Mount St. Helens in Washington State.  The mountain missing it’s main peak since its 1980 eruption.