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So Where are we now – Montrose Bible Conference

For my One a Day in May today, I’m just doing a quick cut and paste of my page – So Where are we now?” Because, hey – I think that counts, right? I did after all write it today. =)


May 1 – Late August
After a somewhat eventful trip from Ohio to Montrose, PA, we’re settling in nicely at a favorite summer spot for us – Montrose Bible Conference. Continue reading So Where are we now – Montrose Bible Conference

Home again, home again, jiggedity jig


The last 8 weeks have been about as fabulous as possible, filled with family, friends, and frivolity, but right now nothing is feeling quite as lovely as being home.
My own bed.
My own shower. (yes, it’s small, but it’s mine (ours!))
My own clutter.
My own stuff.

It’s past time to get my life back into some sort of routine, back into taking care of life business, and back into SOWER work. While I’m working on making all of that happen, I’ll just share a time-lapse of Gary and I building some ductwork for the project here at Montrose. You’ll just have to imagine the racket that was involved!
Building duct work

And now I’m off to do some Cruisin’ Musin’

This is the Day!

Yes, this is the Day that the Lord has made, and we will rejoice in it!
And rejoice in it we will!
For today is also the day that a good part of my family will be arriving for a big ol’ Family Reunion!!!! It’s the first time to be having it here at Montrose (last one was in 2012 at the cabin), but the response has been great! Three of the four Senior Siblings (that’s my generation), 9 of the 13 cousins (our kids), and 27 of the 33 grandchildren! Did I mention that 22 of those grands are 12 and under?????
So while it’s looking pretty peaceful at the moment (pre 7AM)
this place will be hoppin’ before the day is out!
And that, my friends, is what rejoicing is all about!!!

A Short Week

OK, so it’s not that short, but I guess since it followed our short Vermont weekend, it just seems short.
First – the weekend. Even with just slightly more “awake” hours at the cabin than driving hours to get there, it was an excellent weekend. Although it was a very purposeful weekend (we were primarily there for our annual Cabin Association meeting), it wasn’t all work and no play. It was a beautiful Vermont weekend, the meeting went very well, I got to spend the day with all of my siblings and a precious niece, the afternoon with two cousins I hadn’t connected with decades, and a full weekend with one of my sons. I guess the true test of it being a heart-full weekend is that I took very few pictures. But trust me – it was well worth the drive!
Back in Montrose, life and work continued on. Gary finished up some details on the the walkway steps and moved on to the next part of the plan – the ventilation under the building. So even though today was a beautiful day in the neighborhood,
Gary ventured into the crawlspace to begin the process.
Thankfully, he wasn’t in the crawlspace for that long today (that will come later when he’s hooking up the exhaust fans).  Most of the day was spent putting in the vents (i.e. cutting holes in the floor). Since he needed me every now and then, I stayed close by and worked on washing windows and doors. Yes, I do do windows. After a spring of concrete dust flying everywhere and sawdust whipping in the wind, it was lovely to seem them (well, the ones I got done anyway) looking shiny and bright. (It almost made me want to come home and wash my windows! Maybe next weekend…..)

So why the short week? Well, Gary will only be working a half day tomorrow and then we will be hitting the road to upstate New York to visit some friends.  New places, good friends, and I hear there’s even a hot tub involved.  While it might’ve been a (sorta) short week, we certainly are looking forward to a nice lonnnnggg weekend!

Just a little diversion

Gary’s walkway project is coming right along! The landing are done,

the stairs are built (more built than in this picture!)
and the railings are well on their way!
Oven moving
He was just getting started on the stair railings when a little side job came up. Between the fact that the gas company coming to run some gas lines and there were five (5!) men available to help, it was determined that it was time to finally remove the old (propane) convection ovens in the kitchen
Oven moving
and move in the shiny new (natural gas) ones that were just waiting for the gas line to arrive!
Oven moving
I’m not sure what the weight of each old oven was, but the new ovens had a shipping weight of 521# each. Five men, indeed!
Oven moving
(Can I say here, ever so kindly, that 3 of those 5 guys are well into their sixties!)
Oven moving
So just how are we going to handle this?
Oven moving
Ah, 2X4 tracks. Gotta love that scrap lumber!
Oven moving
And then re-position those 2×4’s to get it to the dolly.
Oven moving
Watch your fingers!
And then it was through the door (just barely)
Oven moving
And then through the next door and on to the back of the truck!
Oven moving
Catch your breath. Repeat.
Then do it in the opposite direction get the shiny new ones in place.
Oven moving
Did I mention that lunch was being served to a small group that day? No oven was involved, but apparently there was soup on the menu!
Oven moving
Nothing can distract a great chef in action!
So the ovens are in. Though I don’t believe they are quite hooked up yet.
Oven moving
And Gary moved back to the stair railings.
Like I said, comin’ right along!

Have a good weekend, friends! We’re headed to the cabin early (EARLY!!!)  tomorrow morning for an quick overnight visit. But it will involve family AND the cabin, so all is well!