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Mondays are for Memories – Old Friends and New Friends

We’ve had such a lovely time reconnecting with our friends Jeff and Esther here in South Carolina, that I thought it’d be fun to look back and see other times during our time on the road that our path’s managed to intersect.  One of them was in Chattanooga back in 2007 –

Old Friends and New Friends – May 21, 2007

How does that song go?

Make new friends, but keep the old.
Some are silver and the others are gold.

Every now and again, a weekend falls into place in the most amazing way. God gave us the opportunity to get together with friends we’ve known for almost 40 years, and friends we’ve known for only a year. And to top it off, He gave us beautiful weather and beautiful places to enjoy them with.

Thursday – our day with Jeff & Esther. IMG_7707_editedWe spent most of the day with them, walking along the beautiful waterfront in Chattanooga, enjoying a Clumpies Ice Cream Cone, and catching up on family news. It was a beautiful day in so many ways: Chattanooga is a beautiful city and the weather was about perfect, but being able to spend time with such good friends (whom we’ve known since high school!) was truly the most beautiful part of the day. Here are some shots from the day……


Friday to Sunday – Nashville with John & Rosie.
Conrads and Stoners 2 Our “new friends” were great hosts, taking us to see many of the local sights and sounds of Nashville. Oh, and Tastes! We ate at some great restaurants (Merridee’s for breakfast and Miller’s Grocery for dinner), walked around Historic Franklin and The Carter House, did a little shopping, worshipped together at Christ Community Church on Sunday, and spent the afternoon at the Opryland Hotel complex. My goodness, that was quite a place! The entire weekend was a delight – we were once again blessed with picture perfect weather, yummy food and wonderful company.
And a couple shots of our Nashville Adventure….
The Carter House (site of a Civil War Battle)
The Carter House
And yes, that’s a boat ride INSIDE of the hotel…
Opryland Boat ride

And of course, if you’d like there are some additional shots here!

We’ve made it safely to our R&R location, but I’ll fill you in on that later! Time to hit the sack!


Realtime update – John and Rosie are now ‘old’ friends too! And we’re so very thankful for that! =)

Mondays are for Memories – Plus some travel news

We traveled the Natchez Trace for the first 250 miles of our drive to Ohio. We’d done the Trace back in 2005, stopping at most every historic spot along the way. We did some camping, some traipsing about with just the truck, and lots of exploring all the nooks and crannies of this beautiful drive. This time, however, it was just the shortest distance between point A (Kosciusko) and point B (Nashville). Now, I’m not saying it’s the quickest route, but my oh my, it did my blood pressure good! Two lanes, minimal shoulders (so Gary took his half out of middle when he could), 50-55 mph speed limit, no stop signs, traffic lights, or merge lanes, no commercial trucks and hardly any car traffic at all.
See what I mean? Ahhhh…..
All good things must come to an end, though, from Nashville to just outside of Columbus, it was Interstate all the way.
Oh and rain.
(That’s Cincinnati hiding in the mist.)
[Coming soon – a recap of our fun visit with the kiddos in Columbus]

All too soon (like this morning) we were headed for our summer destination, Montrose Bible Conference.
But as sometimes happens when your house has an engine, something just didn’t sound right, so we are currently snugged in at a transmission repair spot near Akron, OH, where they have given us an appointment for tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon.
We are very thankful that we’re self-contained, our waste tanks are empty, our fresh water and propane tanks are adequately full, and the generator is humming away. Flexibility is the name of the game. We’re safe, have food in the fridge (and a truck to go get more if we need it), and are praying for a quick (and economical) resolution tomorrow.
Meanwhile – here are some links to our travels down the beautiful Natchez Trace in October, 2005.
Along the Trace
Traveling the Trace
Moseying….Is that a word?

Enjoy the Memories!!! Mondays are for Memories, right?