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Where in the World Wednesday

Hi! We leave bright and early this morning for the 2nd stage of Gary’s nuclear stress test and his echo-cardiogram, but I didn’t want to miss posting this weeks mystery location. Gary’s been giving me lots of grief about how ambiguous the photos are that I’ve chosen, so I thought that this week I’d pick one that (I believe anyway) is a bit more distinctive.

 Any guesses?

PS – About Gary’s tests – so far none have shown any red flags. So no answers yet, but no scary answers yet either! Thanks for praying!

Did you guess?

Well, it stumped Gary again, so how’d you do? He did guess Montana, so I suppose he was generally right. Probably if I had shared some of these photos from the same location it would have been more obvious.
Opal Pool
Pool at Lower Geyser Basin Area
For sure you’d recognize this ‘faithful’ guy!
Old Faithful being faithful
Yep – it’s Yellowstone National Park.
We visited there in August of 2009, and it was spectacular! Here’s the whole album if you’d like to reminisce with me!