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Friday Fun in Fairbanks

Today was our last “tourist” day in Fairbanks. We headed to the University of Alaska in Fairbanks (UAF) and their renowned Museum of the North. It was chock full of all things Alaskan, including two short films on winter in Alaska and the Northern Lights. Both were excellent (though the Northern Lights one was a little on the technical side!). But maybe the most fun we had was watching Rosie learn how to use an Eskimo Yo-Yo!
YoYo Rosie

YoYo Rosie-1 YoYo Rosie-2 YoYo Rosie-3 YoYo Rosie-4 YoYo Rosie-5 YoYo Rosie-6

YoYo Rosie-7
I’m done!

But there were other interesting parts in the museum –
museum of the north
museum of the north-1
museum of the north-2
museum of the north-3
Looks like Gary, John and Rosie were done before the rest of us!
After a quick bite to eat, we drove over to the Georgeson Botanical Garden – also part of the UAF. I was busy practicing my macro shots – I just love those beautiful flowers!

Georgeson Botanical Garden-1

Georgeson Botanical Garden-2 Georgeson Botanical Garden-3 Georgeson Botanical Garden-6 Georgeson Botanical Garden-7 Georgeson Botanical Garden-9 Georgeson Botanical Garden-22 Georgeson Botanical Garden-11 Georgeson Botanical Garden-10 Georgeson Botanical Garden-13 Georgeson Botanical Garden-12 Georgeson Botanical Garden-5

Georgeson Botanical Garden-14
Georgeson Botanical Garden-21
From there we went to the Large Animal Research Station (also part of UAF) where they do research on the Muskox and the Caribou –
Large Animal Research
See those folks at the bottom of the picture? They paid the $10 each for a 45 minute tour of the facility. We enjoyed the picnic area, a couple of close by muskox
and the gift shop (we could have purchased a tuna fish size can of reindeer chunks in gravy. For $9.00. I’m sorry, but eewwwwwww).
We checked out a couple of local stores and then ended the day with a great little sundae.
End of Day
A yummy day all around!

Tomorrow (Saturday) I’ll be finishing up a sewing project for the camp while Gary works on getting his tools all packed up for our departure Saturday night. Then we’ll be doing all the laundry, getting our inside stuff all put away for travel. We pull out in the early evening to get close to the Fairbanks Airport where we’ll be picking Lara up in the very early hours of Sunday morning. From there – it’s Denali National Park for us!
I think there will be adventures ahead!

An early evening stroll

Tonight, after a lovely dinner provided by our hosts, I loaded up with bug spray and took a little walk around the camp. I hadn’t checked out all the different areas and since the evening was so very lovely it seemed like a perfect opportunity. Want to come along?
This is where we are parked.
camp li-wa walk
We’re very cozy (and close enough so I can yell at Rosie if I need to borrow a cup of sugar!). Jay and Naomi and Pete and Ellen are parked on the other side of this building (where we meet for devotions, break and games).
camp li-wa walk-1
I took the pictures standing in the same place, so even though we aren’t all together, we are certainly all in the same neighborhood!
I hadn’t checked out the horse barn, so I wandered over that way.
camp li-wa walk-3

Along with their horses (they have quite an equestrian program here)
camp li-wa walk
they also have a petting zoo of sorts.

camp li-wa walk-2 camp li-wa walk-24 camp li-wa walk-26 camp li-wa walk-25

Busy place, that barn!
But, on with the walk-
camp li-wa walk-4
This is the building where we ladies have been sewing. Once it’s finished it will be used as cabin space for campers. Right now it’s pretty cluttered with our sewing stuff as we’ve been working on curtains. (We’ve completed 17 pairs, with 9 more to go!).
camp li-wa walk-5
I’m not sure who gets to sleep in the tent – maybe some of the summer staff?
camp li-wa walk-8
The cabins and dining hall are down at the “lower camp” – just a short walk down the road,
camp li-wa walk-27
But I thought I’d explore a path down to the lake
camp li-wa walk-11
camp li-wa walk-13
I had spotted something white high in one of those pine trees on the other side of the lake and thought it might be a bald eagle.
camp li-wa walk-18
But alas….
camp li-wa walk-17
It was just a seagull. I guess they get to make nests too!
Looking back from the observation deck you can see the dining hall (left) and another building.
camp li-wa walk-19
It’s pretty scenic, but the permafrost does an amazing job each year of skewing the buildings and generally wreaking havoc with the roads and floors. The camp is hoping to move the camp center (mostly the dining hall) to up on the same level where the horse barn is. It’s a couple of years down the road, so meanwhile they’ve put up a “temporary” building to use for activities.
camp li-wa walk-22
I think it’s working well for them!
But a walk around this camp didn’t only bring me to buildings and animals and Lake Li-Wa. (Here’s another lake shot I really like -)
camp li-wa walk-16
But it also had a lovely selection of wildflowers along the way.

camp li-wa walk-15 camp li-wa walk-20


camp li-wa walk-21 camp li-wa walk-9

Back up the hill….
camp li-wa walk-23
And home.
A good walk, and a nice quiet evening.
The sun should be setting about 12:32AM today (and it comes up just two and a half hours later at 3:08AM). This daylight thing is pretty crazy!
Off to the dark bedroom!