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A night at the Ridge

Here at Oakridge we have wonderful, centrally located RV sites. We’re on the ‘edge’ of the camp, but close to all the areas where we’ve been working.

We’re so centrally located, in fact, that we literally surround their main campfire. This is the view from my kitchen window-
During the week, this is no problem. In fact, it’s available for us to have our own campfire should we wish. It’s true that during the weekends that campfire gets more action, but all in all it’s not been a big deal. This past weekend, though, the camp was expecting an exceptionally large group that was going to be using the fire pit on Saturday night and they were concerned that we might be a bit more inconvenienced. (Not to mention that sometimes being surrounded by RV’s might put a damper on some of the campfire attendees.) Our hosts generously offered their B&B, The Ridge, to us for the night (or two, they said!).
Night at the Ridge
The Ridge was a new purchase when we were here 18 months ago, and we girls even helped with some of the early renovations.
(It’s not often we leave a job looking worse than when we started, so it was wonderful to return this time to see it in all of its beautiful and elegant finished state. Just in the short time we’ve been here it’s been used for two weddings!)
We decided to make the most of the opportunity and worked together to make a delicious steak dinner,
Night at the Ridge
(Try getting 6 folks cooking dinner in an RV!)
enjoyed the meal in the lovely dining room

Dinner at The Ridge
enjoyed a comfy evening in front of the big TV
Night at the Ridge
and then retired, each of us to our own fancy rooms, complete with private baths.
Night at the Ridge

We woke to a lovely morning view,
Night at the Ridge
(you can see why they call it The Ridge, right?)
gathered up our ‘stuff’, and returned to our own little 300 square foot homes.

Thank you, Oakridge family, for opening The Ridge to us and blessing us with a lovely little getaway!

…so when’s the next campfire? 😉

One Week In

One Week in Oklahoma
One week into October
One week into our Oakridge Project

And it’s been a good week! This is our third time at Oakridge, which is unusual for us since we generally like to work at new (to us) ministries. But coming back to Oakridge is always a sweet experience. It’s a family run camp, with five siblings all working alongside Mom and Dad with the camp maintenance and activities. And as the kids get older, some pretty cute grandkiddos are on the scene too!! We all gather for devotions in the morning, and I just love how Brian’s (Papa) lap is always open for a little one or two!

We’re working this month with our good friends, Kim and Joe, and some new good friends, Lana and Dan. The guys are tackling a big electrical job. Like rewiring the main chapel and dining hall and move all the wiring to underground Big.
Gary got called away from that job to do some electrical work up at their bed and breakfast (The Ridge). I don’t have any pictures of that, but I’m pretty sure he was working hard!
We girls were focused in the West Chapel.
We’ve been sprucing up the room, touching up paint, replacing and repairing wallpaper,
and re-staining places on the floor where the finish has come up.
The floor is going to be our biggest challenge because, well, it’s BIG, and we really don’t know the first thing about repairing stained concrete floors. But we’re muddling our way through, with lots of directions, a little help from You-Tube, and lots of rubber gloves!

We still have a couple of steps to go on just this section, so I’m pretty sure there is some job security for us!

So this first week has been great! We’ve had the opportunity to worship together, enjoy some wonderful meals together and even attend an adorable two-year old’s pumpkin birthday party!
Elliott’s birthday
Elliott’s birthday
Grown-up really know how to concentrate on those pumpkins!

We’ll be here until just before Thanksgiving, so we’re looking forward to a grand (and productive!) time here!
Thanks for stopping by!


We’re Baaaaaaack

Is it Tuesday already? Although we have returned from our Oh-So-Fun Cruise
I am no where near to being caught up on my life in general. We have arrived at our April SOWER ministry/project and are getting settled (and catching up on emails, etc.). Before I can share about the monkeys and zip lines and snorkeling adventures, I need to organize and process the photos from the SOWER TX Round-up.
DSCN7980 (Small)
And before I can do that I need to put together the SOWER newsletter (already past the deadline).
So – this little mini-post is just to say Hi – and I’ll be back soon. Honest!
Our new neighborhood (that’s us behind the white truck). =)